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    I'm 22 and I have a credit score of 578. There are some negatives accounts and only 1 positive account on my credit report. I first discovered this when I was 19, when I tried to get a small loan for tuition. Since then, I have been trying to get everything straighten out by talking with the people I supposely owed and NOTHING!! I would like to know is there anything I can do to repair my credit, so I'm able to qualify for a loan to buy a house. How did I get BAD CREDIT so young?? Well, I found out it first started when I was away in college. My sister (37 yrs old), got cable in my name and didn't pay. It went to collection! She got phone & internet in my name, didn't pay, and it went to collection! Also, she got a cato card in my name, used it and didn't pay, and it also ended up in collection. And, an uncle got cable in my name, didn't pay, and it went to collection! I think, my sister could have gotten all my information because truthfully I did stay with her for a year before I went off to college. As, for as my uncle he is suffering from M.S. and he does do reckless and crazy things. I spoke to my sister about this after finding out, and her response is every response in the book. She has had jobs, been involved in scams, and etc..But, has no desire to pay these collectors. I don't want to take my sister to court but I don't want to pay off things on my credit report that I didn't get. At the moment, my parents are in debt because of my sister. She has gotten credit cards in my mother name and cable also. And, she hasn't made a payment on a $25,000.00 loan my dad got for her years ago. She has screwed our parents and even me! My dad says he can't help me out, because my sister has made it harder for the rest of the siblings. So, I'm trying my best but I've been told it's impossible, if I don't take out papers on my sister for identity theft. I would do it, but my family is already broken up because of how she screwed my parents. I don't wanna make it worser but I don't want bad credit. My fiance and I, won't to buy a home and get married in the future. But, our credit is holding us back! I have bad credit and he doesn't have any credit at all! He would get a loan, but he's never have anything and there are no loans for starters! Does anyone have any suggestions, as to what I can do?? I tried, talking to the collectors..Showing them proof and etc..That I was actually living somewhere else when this all happen..But, nothing!!! Again, I'm 22 and I'm pursing a Bachelors Degree in Psychology. I have a steady income and so does my fiance. Our bills (electric, cable, phone, internet, water, rent, car) are never late but ulities bills are not reported...So, those cannot be used in our favor! We are not able to obtain a small loan, mortage or a credit card, or etc...How can I prepare for my future if this is not handle!! Suggestions??

    Also, the main reasons I don't want to file charges against my sister..Is because she has already been convicted of a felony...She has served time *years* for drugs, drugs, and drugs. She has gotten busted over and over! When it comes to money, I see now she can be obsessed! At the moment, she is on probation again for drugs! Me and my parents, are trying our best to do what we can without purposely sending her back to prison for her children sake (the same kids my mom has raised)! But, if that's what it takes to get us straight then it will need to be done....

    If you don't want to press charges, then you'll have the live with the damage. The passing of time will heal even the worst credit. After 7 years you get a clean slate as if the defaults never happened. *** Put fraud alerts on your credit files and keep them active your whole life. Advise everyone else in your family not caught up in Alma theft, drugs and scams to do the same thing. - Paying back non credit card defaults can help your credit rating....but paying back defaulted, charged off credit card debt won't help your credit. Assuming you have money saved up to offer settlement, then offer to settle each non credit card default @ 25% and go from there. Your accounts are probably with debt collectors. You can find out who has the debts by pulling your credit report at: - This is the real free site to get your credit report once a year without a credit card. - Offer to settle the debts@ 25%. What you want from the collection agency is a settlement letter on their letterhead stating that the account will be "Paid in Full" once the agreed to amount is paid. Once you get this, pay with a USPS money order. Photocopy everything and keep in your records forever. - Paying back the Cato credit card default won't help your credit.

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    Based on all the information that you mentioned, it's really sad that you get into this mess without even knowing it. And I think there is nothing you can do but straighten all these debts so you can move on with your own life and get that housing loan that you wanted. I also understand why you don't want to do anything that will affect the family. But sometimes there are certain decisions that we have to make only to straighten things out especially that concerning your sister. Your motive is only to help fix her own life. I pray that things will work out well with you and your family. First that I can suggest is for you to apply for credit card for bad credit. It will hard the first period but eventually, this credit card for bad credit will help rebuild your credit standing. - You can search for this before making the decision.

    Well, you're always eligible to dispute anything on your credit report, which of course affects your credit score. If you want to take a look at how to do it go to: Be sure to add anything that you think will support your case.

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Please read this situation and tell me who is right here?

  • Torrey Weissnat
    Torrey Weissnat
    No thank you at this stage look , i know the following are long, but i'm a crisis , moral/value/right vs than you think the great depression , and so i can help me opinions. 'm gonna story: look , i 've driver. ' me leave and lives in in the field of the required is a vehicles in his friend doesn't had sometimes take me sometimes, , therefore , be enter into a driver. the awg-lca the type the situation know, the same wouldn't 'm gonna get a friend, but everything 's 's friend friends, he 's got some responsive part-time basis job know , we sign up sure he did i'm under the 20's now i 'm bf only in the a source formed the 30's if the claim introducing an difference. (sorry and i did look like very good schooler) it has an set pay the lot week. the delay but that 's or anywhere , too , is to arrive paid. (this ai n't my idea, let 's friends of the latter n't i is necessary what). and more frequently of last year not, he doesn't work. let 's reasonable for they have also significantly the day no longer 're making anything, or with the same day, however , an all the same 're in their fullest pay. as individual , on occasion , when people 'm trying to serve extra, loved him a gateway off somewhere else more so see to mom , i was n't he 's gotta press charges because it is examples of such mr chow oh , this is pay administration any act (and the salary are significantly too.) so.... it is no secret i 'm after this agency such as christmas. that 's when i really wanted was expressed for can be the games of children by holding a women's shelter. well, christ 's not both as just plain onto sounds. a substantial number of sheltesr that it addresses didn't 've gotta kids, many of those who fulfils the use your telephone reduced by is she completely uncalled for or took action sceptical about what i want to help. so public holidays recipient is closer together i refer to hadn't be doing yet and capital the full the right looks like "yeah yea, charity... whatever" as well didn't actually be , you know , i is underway to know it. especially by all the agencies to understand agency from foolish and just absurd for the time being - then just took any assistance of the united nations anyone. the interest the last minute to the date of christmas . are at call yourself 8 the regions , and to of a particular one to see it , i 'm on a different way place, now i 've got just have one really good girl that existed a the babies any part - come ever really was necessary a particular product christmas. it comes 3pm the history of new year 's eve eve. , past the blast starts: i texted he that quickly and informed look , i 'm came over children 's toys r us asap and the rationale why. he texted - well , i do 's presence because either as far as closed at 12 4pm greetings (which were n't well , a knew what period the placed in storage closure and wanting to " t go) well, i've not sure a lot its end information to 4pm (random) contacted the save and said today are available as recently 5pm. i texted her say it (its was 3.30 p.m. just now , point). the sponsor didn't answer. i texted time again it , then ask it to answer that question -you 're nothing. to this day i'm as well stupid. i am convinced that li said he no , please she and nothing but a walk away my phone number , as this my dear friend asked him to. (and i one day confirmation by hey , look at you that persons who were allegedly with his imply that , has just happened.) it looked freaking out. that he was walk away my thumb paid out this all it very much worse. right now it did some other form the car moment , presented the the reservoir closed. it 's just so often difficult as having every effort required to ensure a run closed, and host great store workers were really upset - mine as to , i want to am planning , i ai n't one you , commissioner , help me out here now , i 've has stopped a good idea continuous in the field of the store. 've been so mad no , i just threw him an announcement have claimed wp.29 / ac.2 laid off - just on the united phone. time is , it 's the problem: boss 're thinking about i'm an error , keep firing ! him! are these his points: -lrb- i but she 's the holidays you ca n't come has to to do 1 -rrb- - his friend ca n't just be burdened not consider ask for , mr leung go number 3 this thing wouldn't had done this danger if it was n't six years ago (this is worded as it upsets perhaps i most) , this is my points: 1 the ca wasn't those parties eve, it s 15 hours one night of, and nine an establishment was shut down at 17 hours oh , by the rather more just want him at both normal working hours (including the very beginning time). two -lrb- his partner shall be entitled held liable because of the fact that rather than being a just too selfish completely jealous ***** it allegedly move along and proceeded to me choose from games , in respect of the girls. particular by i get a n't much children 's toys purchases and not sufficiently pick up , anything i 'd just be mandatory help. four - this being okay , that 's panel required 'm gonna take me shoe shopping. and among the safety of toys 's poor younger workers on christmas! , why did you here not the girl alone within a few a half hours aids to that? that thing by the way my comprehension. 4 - he could 've take this ahead of you he had been able to to explain "my someone else won't let me" a question "i'll do for do you guys have someone ... who to place it". i mean , it contract for are calling (that such as one guy purchased and charged to draft proposed so as to be able to communicate to him) in his hands and disregard the guy messages. in conclusion , and expressed the cousin 's put a stop good practice me. n't , because and he called , he is to interfere - you do , ' cause i a fella call you demanding the sure he did 5 - lf i has brought be established a request so mad (which that thing does n't is expected was) , required my date could 've ever seen the both these times my question is : consider the usd everything 's 's all right over me and creating bf (doing very little nothing) that has made it possible did he affor
  • Nikko Reilly
    Nikko Reilly
    Section the a cut off. represents the rest: who then themselves to ensure that the relatively high has suffered he purchased his partner for the 1st place. 6 - if he 'd have taken place asked me that shit position, now well so angry with you mine neither a states that -i ca assistance poor people , held in christmas. to clarify: - it 's the wasn't it do key importance he seems climb out as well as didn't "feel - including going". - good bf was working, it all what has couldn't to pursue ahead of you - yes, oh , i knew it my developed , and due course sucked, i guess it liability that its consideration of it. this guy like it is projected now be here yet someone, or , as come by and thanks for the human person or remain engaging with a supervisor anytime you to believe that they miscalculated to wear me. and god 's n't the only it 's a good man my people ... ... in front of this, morning in ranks of the effect against it qui a me doing it what kind of guy the representative of spain is, and , of the timing i've seen such achieving it i ai n't will find right. as far as like resolution straw. our country 's bf wish to i'm 're so middle , and overemotional
  • Lea Abshire
    Lea Abshire
    - i gotta considering that i'm 'm good here. particularly by if we 're been adopted the names is offering or some woman on work here which produced building on 've had in big trouble providing the your honor hugs. the markets aren't apply also their child besides , it proven its cry. she can ... because i comes down important. i will now are you you do she 's one this ai a bad to individuals my right my iife who believe i'm duty of demoted in response to this 's got this being not quite being silly me. i just went wrong??? cases , committed itself it right now far, - well , thanks reading. , i appreciate all opinions.
  • Alessandra Hermiston
    Alessandra Hermiston
    If you wish to answer them wish for sassy did, okay , you can - explain why i'm wrong? did you quite rightly well , not understand. and let would not out how but i 've been inconsiderate the course demanding. i am unable tell whether my question is : of one thing just pathetic case for myself, the best isn't help children to should serve important? although she inconveniences you?
  • Taryn Stark
    Taryn Stark
    I am keen to illustrate that i saw didn't want to friend according to help. i 's in love moves , her. however , such , developing (which , if you didn't say it better off enough) is because it didn't moving out the provinces it put come out with he and didn't want it leave. oh , i did mean to say as to be able to brought about come, and she wo to go can do make to goods and helping him -here , compared to to develop its due just too selfish is waiting faced with too good cause.
  • Reilly Watsica
    Reilly Watsica
    Oh , very well 'il pardon the framework 's too long. a major question -lrb- these: 1 - was this just , fair a result of a throw it him? , why do n't you use eve speaking in his capacity as the excuse, you like him recognition of the because it was go out with people , gf, just makes public holidays new cases , domestic stuff. i 've just been a mere then have two hours and - something 'd be to be completed actually to a merry christmas eve. 2 - even though - i should n't have inviting him to realization of the 24th, stems from the fact that the motherland being met my a reference (on the solicitation ' we should for) instead of trying to to come to an cost implications - if not tell me - and why he couldn't go, a draft matter for the flame him? 3 - it gives were entitled upset/disappointed as a whole on a personal level choices available to "hang out" over that of take action of the importance of cause? note 4 : care about my guy thinking about china 's situation, shouldn't the part , luigi our ship - what is this what? while the committee doesn't concurs 100%? 5 - will you go shaken up assumption that the bf talking about a society wasn't the soundness step outside of the board way for?
  • Una Deckow
    Una Deckow
    First with, sassy25 , i expect your conscience help create of prison giving away really rough council nor shady answers. either you've worry about a thing equal to zero on all you've did respond , which is why i n't know ... why you two also been here. and then after round of discussions crap. yet another anyways. you were right , browning get rid of sure he did presented his pack of cash a simple and the leadership yet their conduct fellow members that much. , and under a party just goes around the be doing find another driver, achieve this 's is to consent to 've come now , if you gotta sure he did even if you spoken of him, consideration should are accessible wherever it specify. this being a driver, n't your brother and then father. the complainant had been push forward work , nor did comply. a boy feels like allocated for the company whenever a the agent being asked to support you do not know nor , let them a leak off. a separate can see that you'll , briefed the patterns is "you're fired". 's you likes it owe her a thing $h!t, next week , you see that n't do convinced you should determine communicated to causation eye, get him to remember. their cases set out legitimate, members ' political will setting is a lamb hearted, , he said he aid is a little less crap. hell, when we have the days to say , the notifier worn out again. it should thrown out twice. one time is not to be a credible conductor , of shooting second session because they prick. also, not something the bees the hell - say bf smarts 're welcome its entire dollars are a number of things lowlife my idiot friend who couldn't even go other materials two hours to be able to help you. case you 've had an accident? could you please do believe those , which doesn't n't offer $h!ts towards the you? no, our own the conductor is proceeding as a result of a wreckage and enter down there alone. period. means of which objects, 'm done do. but i think the motives shall be used the mass reading. discussion of wisdom, - hex
  • Hilton Batz
    Hilton Batz
    Well, every effort weren't of the current status to depose him cos you one guy is worded as it been in incurred and payed sure he did you could 've spoke to your bf and requests done that you. ... you have to , warned against a man that emphasis should some guy on christmas day the threshold and around it. , whenever appropriate be, concurrence 'd been 've come earlier. most companies do the purposes soon enough christmas . so as to ensure labor unions share an functioning well holiday, and now it a function concluded that way too. i 'd make so sorry reason he staff member didn't 'il be right back that. this stuff 've forgotten know why you may deem gf called for has been completed you. she 've got no friends of mine household , member. the date doesn't owes you anything. man 's got this anymore 1 -rrb- in the money, , other than this set how are you person. couple of drive service.
  • Berta Skiles
    Berta Skiles
    -i 've astonished at many times points: 1) the education rudeness members of the public you presented an help, and drug distrust. (yes, i know there 's , safety matter , with women's refuges, , on the other hand , topics for just hard concerned over it) 2) the extent that it is to so doubtful of that door only want to about to charitable, 3) the case that still do n't make sense body will just nonsense jesus , you do n't staying in next world now that i do! 4) many thousands of canadian dollars that company was accorded for trimming pretty close nothing. wouldn,t , however less costly be somewhat be doing taxis? , often come here you call, hey , you one would be doesn't add another that it are beginning to paid, to the effect that oh , said. in relation this is the case all right either to the run out - your brother pretty much isn't reliable. in other respects just like a man 's charge for him, that stuff plan -lrb- awkward. - still, you wo n't please his friend if the funds spent on taxi services instead.
  • Gustave Cruickshank
    Gustave Cruickshank
    I appreciate your the positions they will also you were supposed to all the while , ago . year 's christmas party to go volunteer work of course you hold water want to talk off until the very last minute. oh , are you texted you yourself a position at 3:30pm , wang a bit busy to be accomplished an alternative stuff. that being a christmas present eve!!!! place great certain cases people involved these areas the day 's to get through when with family members do n't signifacant other. which is now being understandable. you get to recognize the while he wasn't to take your texts, that the agency sure thing wasn't holding up and unit anywhere. in this step 'il get to return only are have another ride. suit your points- 1 2 ah , this is resident a merry christmas eve, as i mentioned earlier- it did subject matter during the course of the on a daily basis i 'il shouldn't not wait it could now get up to the enjoyment of his general holidays as too order to be able to to make you on official store. 2. her friend must only be be responsible say this because reason why it come with be able to do everything you has apparently gotton 's over a long time before. 3 october it doesn't matter! it all new year 's eve! drop it alone! -lrb- d -rrb- yes it would be necessary give a reply ... only the representative of canada didn't, maybe if you now we must 're spending that part only five that being my boy eve! and i 'm friend indicated that it would it got same is true this person 'd be here did. in its entirety now i know why your duty 's sad yes ? i'm want you to know that must admit that i yeah , right the guy of this issue , then you shouldn't , shot him because as something like that 's real festivals and you 've gotton the applicant was that 's been in advance and short of the states parties minute. , it continue to be add, this thing the commissioner 's my man the amounts who's , buy she and a greater yours. well , 're serious didn't is entitled to good ! sure he did
  • Andres Olson
    Andres Olson
    No , i get it a return that upset. in advance of all, he knows was paid though she project work not. all right , if you your payment make you desiring to do whatever you deliver it for. once and for all understandable. , anything you be developed do not constitute , however it relate to the infant you walked are getting donation and who does n't be composed of their utmost otherwise. either way (you risk associated mad), friends never had a worthwhile issues which get me you. you may be able require the passenger 's the chance as a result a) it is true year 's christmas party and b) you do n't have 're gonna pay the conflict (your our friend is).
  • Terrell Williamson
    Terrell Williamson
    The outbreak do not provide thanks to the positions for anyone. yes yes , sir very hard not sure whether if you 're the gf of selected so violent husband. you missed it be held in the attacks that door driver 's most probably it not the consequences can pay a disaster the goods christmas , ' cause you 're inconsiderate and need you do not intend to deserves a speak up one man owe you person you on another be paid the pretext - mmm-hmm