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    I am about to buy a house but taxes are killing me, is there any way to put my dad who is 65 to add to the property title so that we can get Senior tax exempt. He does live with us and he doesn't work. I am in cook county Alma . I heard as long as the mortgage is being paid on time bank don't care about the taxes etc , is that true, so if yes then would it be good idea to not include tax payment in mortgage payment? I provide the food etc as well, should I just include him from beginning meaning have him co assign even though he doesn't work and not sure how good his credit, will it effect the APR in any way even though I'll be paying for the mortgage

    There is a lot of issues tied up with putting your Dad on your title. Yes, you get a property tax exemption...but... if your Dad becomes seriously disabled and must enter a nursing home, Medicaid will put a lien on 50% of the house equity to help offset those costs. Medicaid won't take the money till the house sells...but..you will have lost all future equity because of it. Don't think you can quickly take you Dad back off...medicaid knows that trick, and they have a 7 year 'look back' for any transfers between family members. So there is real risk there. If your equity in the house is greater than 20% you can get the bank to not hold the taxes in escrow..so you may have no choice about the tax included in the mortgage payment. If your Dads credit score is low...it probably will effect the "loan origination" fee that Freddy Mac is charging. Because of all the bad mortgages that Freddy Mac insured (and fanny mae)..the cost built into the closing by them (loan origination fee) has taken off. Below about 750 you will see .05% ... below about 680 that jumps to nearly double. below 650 you won't get the loan. So..run Dads credit now before you apply

    You might be able to get a break on the taxes if he was on the title, but probably not since you are too. Yes, if he has no or bad credit it will affect the interest rate. Most lenders will REQUIRE the taxes be held on escrow.

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