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    I'm 23, my boyfriend is 22(been together 2yrs). I have owned a condo for 4yrs now, by myself. I would really like to move now, and I'm either going to attempt to sell it (w/real estate agents help), or find reliable renters. My boyfriend and I have considered purchasing a larger condo/or house together(such great deals out there at the moment), however, we are not sure we'd like to ever get married or would like to sign any legal contract binding us in anyway. We get along really well, but that's not to say that things won't change down the road. So, my question is, is it possible to purchase property with two separate mortgage loans, or two separate contracts? I don't want to get married, and I would really like to invest in property with him, and then split any equity or profit made at selling time, fifty fifty. Alpharetta is their anyway to keep things completely separate and still own the same property, and profit your own share? I would hate to have to fight over who gets what, if things do not work out. I want to protect myself. Also, he does not have very good credit. I have excellent credit, so everything will be based off of me, I presume, if that makes any difference. Thanks

    Do not do it, if you sell the condo you have now and use any profit to purchase another condo and you let him put his name on it, well you loose. If you really have a falling out and he won't move, so say you move out cause you cannot stand being around him. Now he is living there with your money in it...then he finds all kinds of excuses to not let the Realtor show it, court here you come, not cheap. And he has bad credit? Do not buy anything you cannot afford yourself and do not put his name on it, and charge him rent, after all you said yourself, you probably won't stay together.

    Wow, you are smart and think ahead! Good for you! Create a partnership with your boyfriend. Have the partnership purchase the property. In the partnership, have the following provisions made to see what happens to the house if one of these 4 things occur: 1. Death - what happens if one of you dies. 2. Disable - what happens if one of you becomes disabled and can't pay the share of the mortgage or make any decisions regarding the property. 3. Departure - What happens if one of you wants to leave or cash out. 4. Divorce - what happens if one of you marries someone else down the line and then divorce. I would hate for the ex-spouse to come after the property. Good luck!

    Make sure that you consult an attorney before making any decisions about buying a house with your boyfriend. If you don't get married and go your separate ways what are you going to do with the house? Will one of you buy out the other? Will you sell and split any profit? Think about what is best for you independent of the boyfriend.

    Do not in any way saddle yourself with a guy you are 1) unsure of and 2) has bad credit. You will be enormously sorry.

    You can own it together, and you can decide amongst yourselves about paying half the mortgage, half the utilities, etc. When it sells, you each get have the proceeds. But there will be only one mortgage - with both your names on it. One title - with both your names.

    What is wrong with renting? If you are not that sure about the permanency of a relationship, why have a permanent financial arrangement?

Financing a car at age 18?

  • Armand Harris
    Armand Harris
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  • Eve Lindgren
    Eve Lindgren
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  • Neil Heathcote
    Neil Heathcote
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  • Lois Hilpert
    Lois Hilpert
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