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    The economic damage we have now was caused by taxation, welfare and regulation. (Damage was also caused by radical Muslim terrorists, of course) The democrat lemmings all believe taxation, regulation and welfare will fix things. Go figure. Poverty makes the democrat party grow stronger. Yes the sub prime mortgage debacle was caused by regulation. Not deregulation. Tell me what would have happened if the Glass Stegall act was elimited but the Community Reinvestment Act was never passed if you want to blame deregulation. Go ahead. I dare you! Please omit your silly comments about home-schooling.

    @ Marvin - Keynes is without a doubt on my list of the 3 most destructive men of the 21st century. Government spending, when it's not based on distribution of wealth, creates inflation. When it's borrowed money, the result is even worse. The next step after government spending is a greater amount of taxation. This is independent of whether the spending is the result of taxation, borrowing, or printing money. Those who receive the money get less than has to be taken in taxes afterward. The Government has to pay an army of bureaucrats to distribute the money, plus an army of bureaucrats to confiscate it in taxes. Yes there is a multiplier for government spending; but the multiplier works both ways. It multiplies the damages of taxation and inflation as well as spending. Since taxation has to exceed spending, the damage of government spending becomes self evident.

    @ Marvin - I fundamentally disagree with you about government spending creating a post WW2 economic boom. It was the enormous potential energy released by government savings bonds used to finance the war. Government rationing left no ability to purchase goods. Literally every extra dollar earned by the American public went into savings bonds. Government averted runaway inflation in paying those bonds by use of a 90% top marginal tax rate. Even with that, post WW2 federal income didn't exceed 19.5% of GDP But what do I know, I'm just a kid who never went to public high school.

    @ Marvin - I understand Independent mortgage companies which are not covered by the CRA made many more "high-priced loans" to borrowers with bad credit than did CRA-regulated banks. Well, so what? Even if that is correct, that does not mean that CRA-regulated loans have not caused tens of billions of dollars in defaults. Much more damage was caused by the CRA led demand for housing as an investment. rampant demand inflated housing prices. We can debate boom bust cycles in another venue.

    @ Marvin - The difference, of course, was - with post WW2 boom money the spending was individual savings. spent the way individuals wanted to spend wealth. Not inflation driven dilution of currency through government spending. Real wealth as opposed to dilutionary wealth. Although taxation did slow the economy, there was no appreciable inflation attached to that spending. The CRA and several subsequent legislation forced banks to issue bad loans and sell them to Fannie and Freddie. It was closer to many hundred billion dollars during the 30 years the Fed tinkered with home ownership. It ended up squandering 50% of the wealth of America. This isn't delusional and it's impossible to think Bush caused it in the 8 years in office. The Glass Stegal act didn't cause bad loans to be issued. it just allowed them to be packaged and sold in government backed vehicles.

    Of the top 25 sub-prime lenders, only one was subject to CRA rules. Do you really believe that the entire global economy collapsed because a few thousand blacks finally got their "40 acres and mule"? Government spending inserts money into an economy that is short of money among the lower 80% of earners who create the essential demand needed for prosperity. Due to the multiplier effect, $1T of government spending eventually creates $2.5T of increased GDP and $0.75T of increased tax revenue, for a net cost of $0.25T. This is more than paid for by the increased productivity gained by $1T of infrastructure improvement that lasts over 30 years. The multiplier is 2.5 according to the Congressional Budget Office. A full explanation of the multiplier and a derivation of its value may be found at is no magic trickery with numbers here. It works because there is a vast wealth hidden in plain sight that is not being used: unemployed people. Useful government spending turns a drag into a boost. Instead of drawing relief benefits and protesting, millions of unemployed people are put to work on needed infrastructure. Keynes showed that government spending would work even when wasteful. He was proven to be right when vast, wasteful World War II spending ended the Great Depression within one year of its start. The federal government had to ration many items because munitions workers on double shifts had so much cash. All that pent-up demand created the post-war prosperity. The destruction of Europe had nothing to do with it. The boom was based on homes and cars, which we never got or could ever get from Europe in a significant quantity. Incidentally, the only reason Obama has a deficit is that, because of the Bush Meltdown, tax revenues are in the sewer and the unemployed need government handouts. This is a Republican deficit. II: What difference does it make whether the demand was pent-up by rationing or not? The simple fact is that the government printed money, passed it out, and caused prosperity. Effectively, you agree with me that government spending caused post-war prosperity. There was no increase of taxation after the war. The debt was never reduced. The debt ratio declined over the next 35 years to 25% of its peak value because stimulus continued with Alpharetta housing, Alpharetta college tuition and subsidy, NASA, the cold war, the Marshall Plan, the Interstate Highway System, proxy wars in a dozen countries, and lots more. Post-war federal income returned to prosperity levels. Quitcherbellyachin! Our economy has never done well without stimulus. Inflation is impossible as long as there is serious unemployment. When full employment arrives, the government spending stops. My father was entirely self-educated, spoke 9 languages, and left me 3,000 books. You don't have to apologize for being home-schooled or unschooled. You just have to think straight. III. Your crazy idea that CRA sub-prime defaults ran into tens of billions of dollars is not the result of home-schooling. It comes from a hardening of the categories. Drink a lot of prune juice. This is a major fault in comprehension that was not caused by home-schooling. Look much closer to home.

    IF the DNC/Obama let the free market correct itself it would prove that we don't need the DNC who want to control everything and everyone. IT IS ALL about control.

    No one can or have the will to do, they care only for the pockets

    It can't but home schooling blinds you to logic

    About as much as surgeons have the desire to let an accident victim repair his own injuries.

    Like, like, how the free market has thrived in Somalia? Yes, dismantle your entire state economic superstructure and see what'll happen.

    They can't allow that, its not under their control.

    Not in the slightest.

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