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    I am a college student that pays for everything myself. In our area there are no jobs anywhere. I used to work at a Career Development Center. I saw every job available in the area, and all that one can get requires either tons of experience or a degree. I have no money in savings. Im trapped in a lease until next April. (There is no way out of it, I tried) I have no cash at all. I owe about $3000 to credit card companies because I had no money to pay for rent. Now I have nothing. I was just laid off, and there are no jobs anywhere. I cant collect unemployment. I cant get a loan, my family has cut me off and wont co-sign. I feel trapped, I dont know what to do. I cant even afford gas, hell I cant even afford food. Everything goes to rent. Please does anyone know of a loan company that doesnt require a co-signer. I cant get any financial aid from the school, I maxed out. I will do anything for a loan. Or if anyone knows of any jobs in the Fort Myers / Estero, Alpharetta area.

    Ft. Myers-Cape Coral area is one of the hardest hit areas of the country. The real unemployment rate (which continues to use the original method for calculation instead of the Clinton Administration "doctored" numbers instituted in 1993) as of February was 19.1%. It's still rising. There are millions of people just like you, and more who have family obligations (hungry kids) -- and both spouses are out of work and looking. A loan is not going to help you. It would only make things worse. Fortunately for you, since you are unemployed, you cannot get a loan. Keep looking. The economy stinks. The job market is frightening. But hang in there and keep looking for work. Can you mow lawns? Help people clean out attics and storage and set up garage sales? What can you do to for people that they would be willing to pay for?

    My friend, if I had the extra cash to help you out I would lend it to ya in a heartbeat. I live near UF and things are pretty tight here as well. Most of my friends are home and hungry with barely enough to keep the lights on right now. Me, I'm out of work as well. Job dried up. No one's building houses at the moment. Therefore no work for me except side jobs when they come. Only now people ask me to do the same High Quality work for less money. Sucks on one level but I'm grateful just to make any amount of money at the same time. I've been forced to consider new options! I've been selling stuff on ebay lately, and It seriously brings in at the low end about 3-5 hundred a week. That's real cash in my pocket, straight from the ATM. I started by selling some things that I didn't really want to part with, but it was time to sacrifice something for something or else! Within 5 days I had enough to buy some food and cover the basic bills. I was instantly hooked. The momentum started rolling and all the sudden, I'm running a business from home that I started myself pretty much out of desperation. I never ever run out of things to sell, and either will you. Once the people in my circle found out I was selling stuff, they started bringing me their goodies and I make a percentage of their sales as well. Just stay positive "no matter what" and figure out the solution. If you do take an interest in Ebay though you can seriously email me any time for tips, tricks, advice, pointers. I can explain every aspect of that business in absolute detail. Best of luck with everything! Patrick ( loki )

    I think the government is hiring workers for the census, kind of an odd suggestion, but it's a possibility. There aren't any jobs on campus? Maybe you could make money tutoring other students or get a job doing some landscaping? Best of luck!

    Well most of the times you can get unemployment after your last paycheck from being laid off, due to being laid-off. Now the loan I don't know because your job is colleteral for the loan, try CashCall.

    Lay off ability which you're being enable bypass, by employing reasons that weren't your fault. indoors the case of a brief lay off, you're able to be able to anticipate you're able to be able to swifter or later be reported as lower back to artwork if the area alterations. Getting fired, ability you have been enable bypass out of your activity, due on your very own habit.

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