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    Yes I know about loans and credit cards , but is there any good people in the world that can help someone that credit is so low that couldn't get credit to buy a $1 hamburger. I really need $20,000 right now in deep need for it, at the moment I don't work and not able even though 100000000 say I am able I am tired I give anything to work but I do not lie I don't have the engery and there is other things that keep me from a low pay job. Please I beg there has to be someone out there, I know 100000000 do this everyday thinking they get a free ride, I don't want a free ride, I need help so I can get out of the free rides, I want to be a teacher . I will pay anyone back $35000 starting in 5 years , and pay it up by 20 years, I promise this is real not like on credit cards or loans but really need help. I know I get laughed at and I guess no one never help but what happens you help me and I get married and my kid cures cancer, how do you know what will happen if you don't try.

    Yeah been laughed at my whole life so no problems there, I really need help , and working I can't do with what I have now. I did a 30min job today for friend and that took all my engery my head is still hurting really bad. And all I did was carry sheetrock for about 10 feet. Thats sad, others have no legs , no arms and here I have it but I guess its in y mind that want let me do anything. I am not asking anyone on here for money , just asking do they know of help. I mean some times we get down and have someone to help us back up, I have been down my whole life and tried many 1000' s of things accept the one things I should do, go to school and get a job. I am at my lowest, I lived on the streets and now live with my dad who raped my mom and my grandmother 20 years or so ago, but no where else to go with my credit with my no funds and no help from social secrutityyet. There is money in this world why anyone don't help don't get me.I really don't know,just sit here and hope maybe one day

    Sometimes we make money the most important thing, because everyone else has made it their most important thing. At this point, I suggest, that you should focus more on the relationships you have in your life that are fruitful for you. I know that your self esteem is low right now. And I also know that sharing your innermost emotions with strangers is not going to help that. If everything you have shared is accurate and true, then you have a lot of reasons to be angry. But anger does not bring about the life you are hoping for. And neither does money. Some of your comments say that you are hoping for a better tomorrow. That tomorrow starts with decisions you make today. Take one step at a time. Get back on your feet, even if you have to crawl first. This is not a put down. A person born without a right hand who is left brained needs to make adjustments to compensate. Some of what has happened to you is kind of like that. We all have to make adjustments at times to survive what life throws at us. However, and this is an important point, some of what has happened has been because of poor choices. This is not the unpardonable sin, so just get back on track one day at a time, with a mentoring program that can help you reach your life's goals. Don't try to solve the problems on your own. There was a man named Jethro in the Old Testament. He was the father in law of Moses. We don't know where his inspiration came from, except human wisdom, but he advised Moses to stop striving with the burden of leading the Israelites alone, but to secure help from the responsible people from each clan. I hope you can see that I, for one, am not laughing at you, but encouraging you to stop whining, and get on the road to success, and forget about teaching others what you have not learned yourself. For the record, we know that there are a lot of opportunities available for you, but a lot of what will happen in your future is going to be the result of what decisions you make today.

    Sounds like a scam to me. If you were in dire need you'd go to your county for assistance (starting with food stamps). Call the county and tell them what you need and they will put you thru to the correct office and you can discuss that. You should get grants to go to school. You should get student loans for teaching (that you don't have to pay back). No one is going to lend you money without it being collateralized.

    Sweetie u are setting urself up to be laughed at and worse yet to be scammed big time. u should ask family or friends for help, or take a low paying demeaning job if u have to for now. then move up to bigger and better things

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Cash Flows. Accounting help!?

  • Hardy Anderson
    Hardy Anderson
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  • Lavonne Maggio
    Lavonne Maggio
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