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    My husband and I are currently trying to buy a home. he is in the military and has bad credit. Dealing with the only lending agent he could get a decent loan from has been total hell. Our seller agreed in our contract to pay for the home inspection and we were supposed to be able to choose our inspector. We've talked to our real estate agent who was supposed to be scheduling the home inspection and we emphasized that we needed to be there for it. We've been waiting for him to call us and tell us when it would be, but he hasn't. Today my husband called him and APPARENTLY ITS ALREADY BEEN DONE!!!!!! By the LENDER!!!!!!!!!! We had no intentions of letting the lender have anything to do with the home inspection and we DEFINITELY wanted to be there when it was done! I am absolutely heartbroken and I feel like something foul is going on. We don't have money to pay for the results of any shady actions later on down the line. This house is rather old and was built in the 60's! HELP!

    Many lenders have specific inspectors that they use. And they won't use anybody else. That might explain that piece of this. However, the agent should have advised that this was what may happen. Most home inspectors take great pictures of areas of concern in the inspection. Get a copy of the inspection and take a look. It sounds like you are at the mercy of this lender. But the inspection is to protect the interest of the lender too. Ask your agent if you have any recourse at this time.

    A real estate agent should have known you wanted to there and should have been there also. Bad agent! Get a copy of the inspection report. I would have strong words for the lending agent and the real estate agent!! I would tell them you were supposed to be there but weren't called so as far as you're concerned it never happened. Demand another inspection at the Lender's cost or you'll walk away from the deal!! I would be very demanding and see what happens. This is a huge investment and you don't want to buy a money pit!! It's an older home so there will be problems down the road no matter what the inspection report says, you just don't know with older homes, so be sure to have money to do repairs, ie, roof, furnace, water heater, wiring. You absolutely should have been there during the inspection. Was it a full inspection or a partial inspection? What was agreed upon? Call the inspector with any questions you have. Tell the inspector you were to be there but were never called. Hopefully, he'll be able to alleviate any worries you have about the house. Sometimes they have information that is not in the report, but it's best to be there because they usually will mention something at the time, if there is anything to mention. Good luck!!

    Two things are well worth the expense: a professional inspection and a lawyer to review the contracts. An appraisal is no where near similar to a home inspection. Some appraisals are done without ever stepping on the property. It's done by comparing other sales in the area to set a value for the property. Condition isn't even a factor. On the other hand, a professional insprection will go thru and check everything. You get a detailed report of potential problem areas. You can then try to get the seller to repair or negotiate a better price or just walk away from properties with big issues. Do you have an actual contract with this Realtor? If you don't, then legally the Realtor works for the seller, not you. You may want to look for a different Realtor cause this one is giving you some REALLY bad advice.

    My first question to you is, Do you have the inspection report? I would first get that and then do some research on the inspection company. Find out things about the company. If it has been done by a reputable company then you are probably okay. If it is by someone who doesn't own a company and is just doing this "on the side" then you definitely do not want to accept this. First of all I would let your real estate agent know that you are NOT happy with this outcome. Withdraw your offer. I know that sounds scary but what is more scarier?? Buying a home with serious problems or waiting a little longer to find one that is for sure in good condition. My next question is this.. If you husband is in the military is he using his Americus Loan option? If he goes this route it shouldn't matter if he has bad credit. The Americus is VERY specific on the things that need to be done. The have their own companies that do the inspections. Check into this if you haven't already. I am sorry that you are running into problems. But, you guys need to stand up for yourself. Bad credit or not there is no reason for you to let them do this to you. Good luck to you. I hope it all works out!! :)

    In my dealings, the bank has appraisors that determine the apparent worth of the property. An appraisal and an inspection are 2 different things. An inspector will issue a report with what was checked, and what they found. If the institution did indeed have this done, there is no reason they wouldn't share this with you. I would simply ask for a copy. If they balk, or can't produce they are lying. Don't be steered because you are under pressure from bad credit and DO NOT get an ARM (adjustable rate mortgage). There are thousands of home in forclosure right now because as the interest rate of their institution crept up, folks found out they couldn't afford the home they had lived in for 2 years. You don't necessarily have to be there when the inspection is completed unless it is for your piece of mind. If their report shows no problems, but it turns out there are problems, it's their problem.

    Perhaps ask the lender for the report - I'm pretty certain they have to have some kind of documentation for it. Do you have a lawyer? I always thought that when you are purchasing a home you are supposed to have some kind of lawyer involved. I would definetely bring this to their attention. Furthermore, if I were in your position I would be requesting that the real estate agent make arrangements for another inspection to be done because you were not aware of the first one and it's imparative that you be there for it. It sounds really shady, do as much as you can to protect yourself.

    The Lender probably did an inspection for the value of the house, not for how well it was put together. Talk to your realtor and insist on your own inspection. I will admit I have never heard of the seller paying for this, though. You should be there during the inspection.

    Typically, good home inspections are very thorough and therefore time consuming. Depeding on the size of the home, a good inspection can take 3-5 hours. We recently bought a home and of course, had it inspected. I met the guy on site, left to allow him to go about his work and came back to review and inspect his findings a few hours later. Personally, I didn't find it necessary to be there while the guy worked. However, if you specifically articulated your desire to be there, they should have ensured that your wishes be followed. I'd find out about the reliability of the inspector that did the work. If they have a credible history, you're probably good. If not, surely I'd walk.

    Since you are buying the house you have the right to do YOUR OWN INSPECTION!!! Drum up the money from somewhere and get that inspection done from somebody YOU hired. Not who the Seller hired. That is totally ridiculous. Something sounds really wrong here, and I would suggest not moving forward. Better to re-start your search before getting in and getting taken advantage of, whioch sounds like what is happening. Good Luck!!

    I would ask to see the report. If they say there is nothing wrong - they are messing with you. Refuse to pay for the deal and get another one- asking for reimbursement or that it be done in your presence. We had one done on a house and we were from out of town, and could not be there. After moving in, I noticed many things missed- I called and complained and asked for my money back and got it. I told them because they had missed so many things, that it is going to cost me thousands. They missed walls that leaked in the shower, a melted cupboard door, a fire that had been on the counter under the cabinet...a leaky basement wall. If your realtor wants their commission, they will pay for another one. If not, get another realtor- I can give you a referral.

Is opening a new credit card worth the reduction to my total credit age?

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    Milton Brekke
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    Amira Larkin
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    Dax Howe
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    Mark Osinski
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