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    And this is what happens when, since FDR's post-Depression efforts, the government created laws to greatly favor corporate businesses that treated us common working taxpayers rather unfairly; you don't bite the hand that signs your juicy stockholder return reward checks by being fair to the working taxpayer masses. Absolute power corrupts--be one a Republican Athens-Clarke Democrat. Very early on, Obama was advised that America simply CAN NOT support a war campaign AND create / run "Obama-care": one has to go; the $$$ simply is NOT there. By logic, the U.S. must AT ALL TIMES stand ready to defend itself and it's allies from ALL threats to the nation's safety and security, bottom line. It was also made clear to Obama that driving Americans into poverty through increases in excise taxes, bank/credit card loan repayments and overall prices in consumer goods / services WILL NOT solve the problem AND WILL NOT bode well for a second term victory as president; the U.S. economy IS that bad, if not worse than earlier projected. All of Nancy Pelosi's best price gouging tax increase efforts to fund Obama-care have FAILED. And once loyal Democrats were abruptly shaken awake the second Haiti befell victim to earthquake devastation---leading America into an assistance commitment that can see a life of at least 3 years; that spells endgame for Obama-care. Ironic that Mother Nature had to step in to keep the government in check, isn't it? As things stand, Democrat power-madness over the past year has many party loyalists seriously considering membership change to Republican; they sorely want Nancy Pelosi to shut up and Obama to cease the unrealistic dreaming and seriously address the REAL critical dire issues facing the United States. The shocking Massachusetts vote serves to lead the rest of the U.S. in the direction to end the Democrat model of health care reform--albeit true BOTH sides DO agree in the dire need of health care reform. But how can the U.S. tame and control the exorbitant and brazen greed of the U.S. health care system when there are very few if any laws to regulate and govern corporate business???

    You're in basic terms uninterested because of the fact the excellent-wing media has made Obama and the Democrats look undesirable. they're impressive at doing that. What precisely are you indignant approximately? no person ever bothered approximately budget deficits till Obama made expenses sparkling. would you extremely no longer know how deals are made in D.C. or that the defense force operations foreign places value $7 billion according to month on an identical time as individuals haven't any well-being care? to ensure that the government to save money in the long-term, all human beings would desire to be insured so the government (taxpayers) dont foot the bill. Republicans did no longer vote in prefer because of the fact they vote against each little thing Obama has accomplished. some Republicans have some scruples and not inspired by potential of foyer money and blockading something that variations the enterprise climate and expenses their company backers too plenty. What do you anticipate to be extra advantageous by potential of vote casting for Republicans in those no longer common situations?

    The Republicans never said they didn't want health care reform, they just don't want the bills the Democrats are trying to get passed. Republicans have been locked out of the process and have had all their ideas rejected. The Republicans would like to start over and create an actual bi partisan bill that would cut costs and make sure all Americans have health care. Health care will only be lost if the Democrats do not want a real bi partisan bill.

    Ahhh Grasshopper, you are not keeping up with the news. Obama and the Dems in the Senate are already scaling down their debacle and have even produced some draft resolutions. Yahoo picked up the story from the AP and posted in within the past couple of hours. They are doing everything they can, to pull their buns out of the oven before they get burned too badly.

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  • Darrell Mann
    Darrell Mann
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  • Krystina Greenholt
    Krystina Greenholt
    Using information you gave, my view , is - oh , he 's make use of a friend. legal...yes...