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    All of the homes on the market currently are owned by hispanics. The only one's seemingly able to buy them are hispanics. Why aren't my bids being accepted? My credit score is 865 (lowest), I have 25% for a down (at least) and my income to debt ratio is far more than acceptable. So why are the hispanics only selling to other hispanics? I thought things like this were illegal? Are they listing with Spanish-speaking-only agencies first? I mean, what's going on? How am I going to get around this issue to be able to purchase a house in the neighborhood I've spent my life in? Any ideas, thoughts, hints, advice would be greatly appreciated.

    "My Take On It" - Those who accuse, do. You're the only bigot here. I'm only mentioning race as a possible motive. Other races can be bigoted as well which you are apparently ignoring. And apparently you haven't even tried to buy a house in a non-"snowflake" neighborhood, anyway. This is the neighborhood I grew up in, but I guess you overlooked that part to find something to attack. Your answer is dismissed for ignorance.

    "Wheres My Scooby Snack" = This theory is still valid when you lose a bid on more than one house to a LOWER bidder who has a LOWER score...who just HAPPENS to be of the same race/language as the seller. I have had three different agents and they call it "preferential sellers". Now what does that sound like to YOU?

    You people are fat time losers and the reason this reverse racism bullshyt goes on. If whites were the ones doing this, there would be a cry of outrage. But because non-whites do it, you somehow justify it. Well just wait until it happens to you. And read the effing question before you start bad mouthing. I said CREDIT score, not FICA score and the credit score is the only thing my current real estate agent is interested in. It would have been nice if you could have just told me he was jerking me, but race baiting, bigoted, white hating liberals who come here to take their frustrations out on people asking sincere questions can't do anything but smoke pot and mooch off society. Yeah I have attitude. Look at your answers and see if you have the intelligence to figure out why!

    I have no idea where these people get the idea that 865 can not be your credit score. They should know it goes up to 950. Mine is over 800 but not as shiny as yours, I had a late payment recorded, which was not even my fault, I received the notice of the loan being sold to another bank after I send in my payment and they are refusing to correct it. But anyway.....I live in Athens-Clarke and know about the neighborhoods you are talking about. It is assumed by the racial group there that whites buy to be landlords and for some odd reason I do not understand they like to sell to mid-eastern landlords, who are total slum lords. I have seen the properties and they make me want to cry, they totally hold the illegal status thing over their heads and treat them very badly, over crowding is a huge problem. That said, the other buyers are illegals who are paying cash. Since they do not pay income tax, they receive food stamps for meals, their kids are fed for free at the schools (breakfast and lunch) and they receive free medical and dental care they have all kinds of cash. Cash buyers always win the properties no matter what race the seller is. Anyone that thinks hispanics are not racist has not been around many of them, they are more racist against blacks then anything else, but they are certainly racist, it is clear as day.

    Landlord - The FICO range is 300-850... this is why everyone keeps saying that 865 is not her fico score ( - or any number of other resources). There are other credit systems (one is called Vantage and it gives scores up to 950); however, FICO is most often pulled. Are you offering full asking price when you make your offers? Are you asking over asking price? Have you already been pre-approved? Are you offering with contiingencies or is it a clean offer? If they home is on the market, then they will have a chance to look at your offer. You can sell to anyone you want to - it's not illegal to choose a hispanic family to purchase your home (especially since you don't know if they paid cash, offered more money, had a better offer with closing costs or closing date, etc.). In addition, these homes could also do a one-day listing with one specific buyer in mind (if they wanted) and only show it to that buyer -- this is how I recently sold my home. Talk to your realtor about the best course of action and whether your offers have been reasonable. You may need to offer full asking price in order to get into the neighborhood. Good luck to you.

    I don't see what being Hispanic and owning a home has anything to do with it. Unless you go in to the real estate office and meet with an agent there, there's no way for them to know if you're Hispanic. So your theory totally goes out the window. If you bid low, then try bidding higher. That might be your problem also, you're bidding too low. Are you trying to get a loan? If so, which credit score they use really depends on the type of lender. If you have 3 scores, typically they'll look at your middle score. Of course, if you have only 2 scores, they'll look at your lowest score.

    Uh, first, you need to figure out your FICO score. 865 is not a FICO score and not the score lenders use. LOL Second, you should go and count how many times you said the word "Hispanic". You sound a bit racist to me. I mean, if only "hispanics" live in your neighborhood, and you resent them for being able to buy houses, why would you want to live there anyways? Look, you have NO idea why they are able to get these houses before you. Maybe they have cash. You know, some "hispanics" have money too!

    If you think 865 is a FICO score, no wonder you're having trouble buying a house, especially combined with your bad attitude and bizarre conspiracy theory. Having grown up there does not entitle you to buy a house there. It's time to look somewhere else.

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