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    Depends on a few things: How bad is the market where you are living? Is it a market that has a high demand for rentals? Are you prepared for the legal/financial obligations of being a landlord? How good/bad is the market in which you plan to buy? All things considered you are in an excellent position. A better position than most, certainly. Depending on exactly how much equity you have and what the capital gains tax would be, you will make a profit in any situation - provided there is a buyer for your home and that he/she is able to get a mortgage, given the current lending/credit crunch. Research thoroughly where you want to buy, make a good sized down payment to reduce your points on your next mortgage and don't take any unneeded loans.

    I would probably sell. The rental income from one property located in a city you do not live in will become a pain. You will most likely find yourself taking to much time than it is worth or placing it into a management company. The latter option will really eat into your profits. Of course this is dependent on the returns you can get on renting vs. the appreciation you will receive from selling. I would need hard figures to give you the best possible answer. Another option is take a Home equity LOC on your first house and use that money towards purchasing your new home. If your cash-on-cash return from renting is greater than the interest charged on the line-of-credit than you are making a risk free play assuming you can keep the original house leased. I hope this helps

    Rent it out. In your position, you will be getting free money every month to add to your regular income to afford to live in a nice place outside the city. If you don't want the headache of screening tenants and managing the property, hire a property management company. They charge about 7% - 8% of the monthly rent to manage the property. Also, this management fee, your property taxes on the rental, and all maintenance costs are tax deductible. However, know that the income you get on the rental is also taxable as regular income. If you can break even (get enough net cash each month to cover your rental expenses in the new place), you can just sit back and watch your property eventually increase in value. If you need emergency cash for some reason, you can get a home equity loan on the rental. And, you can eventually move back into it or sell it when you get tired of renting it out.

    You don't ay capital gains if you have lived in the house for more that two years. Also with the recession, the rental market has boomed. Move to where you want to. Rent out your house (screen them well. call past landlords) with a little profilt on it for small repairs. In the meantime your house will have appreciated even more while being rented. Then if you want to sell it go for it. Either way your Athens if you have lived in it for more than two years. This advice came free from real estate apraiser.

    I would try to sell it myself and if that happens you will be in a good position because home prices are drastically down right now. the only problem will be trying to sell it. renting is a royal pain and you should avoid it unless that is your core business.

    If you rent your house and then rent one for yourself out of the city you will earn money because rent is higher in the city!!

How can I cash a US money order & also a US cashier´s check in Canada?

  • Dianna Kassulke
    Dianna Kassulke
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