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    For the past 11 months, I have been trying to work with my lender. I have stayed in contact and complied with everything I was told to do. My mortgage payment went up $500 a month 3 times in one year (bad loan- adjustable rate)- now I am close to foreclosure and have no idea where to turn. A co-worker referred me to a company she is working with to save her home. I need to be assured they are not part of a scam operation, taking advantage of the vulnerability and desperation of so many people who may lose their homes. This company is not BBB accredited but they were on our local news station a couple of months ago. Any beware of scam links? Thanks so much!

    And if the Realtor in Athens knew anything at all, he would know that there are "gate-keepers" in every lending company. The consumer cannot get anywhere near those would would work to modify a loan. How do I know this? I have tried consistently every week for 11 months. It WAS a bad loan and if the lenders didn't LIE to write a loan, many people would not be in a dire circumstance. Lenders "beef up" and outright LIE about the consumers income simply to have the loan approved. They also "whisper sweet nothings" in the ears of their appraisers so that the house will appraise to qualify for the loan. Mr. Ca Realtor, you seem to fit right in.

    I am Athens Licensed real estate broker and Realtor who helps people in foreclosure for a living. Although you can do a loan mod on your own, you are better off paying around 1k to have an attorney do it for you as they can better represent you in getting the best deal. If a loan mod fails or is not an option, then short sale the home to a friend or family with a different last name. You make the new monthly payments and buy the home back in a few years when your credit improves. You just need to trust the person buying your short sale. This is the only way to keep your home when the hardship is an adjustable rate mortgage. To answer your question, there are no websites that track down "foreclosure rescue" companies. Ask this company how they plan to help you. Then post their plans to get a response from professionals as to the pros and cons of their "help". Good Luck to you.

    Simple answer: There is no such company who can save your house! What do you think they are going to do for you? Wave a magic wand and make the loan disappear? The only thing that may help you is if you ask the lender for a loan modification that will reduce the monthly payments to what you could afford. This reduction can only come from the interest rate. By the way, all companies who promise to get you a loan modification are doing the same thing that you can do for yourself for free. Just contact the lender and explain your situation. Also, statistically, about 40% of these plans are successful, so that means the other 60% never get it modified and you will be wasting your money paying a large fee to these people for nothing. The only valid way to hire these people is if they can guarantee the modification result, otherwise you don't pay them in advance. Also, they will never reduce the original loan amount because that's actual and real dollars they paid out of their own pocket to the seller you bought the house from. How can you say that this is a "bad loan"? You agreed to the ARM loan and you agreed to the terms. It must have been a good loan because you signed the loan documents acknowledging the terms and conditions of the loan! You were not forced into borrowing this money! You begged the bank to lend it to you so you can buy a house you couldn't afford any other way. It's not their problem that circumstances changed and now you have a 3x larger payment every month. Didn't you know that this will happen when you signed the loan? Or you didn't care because you just wanted to get the house, regardless of the conditions of the loan.

If the government takes your tax return for student debt, when should it show up on your bill?

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    Ursula Gusikowski
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