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    Hi. I want to buy a used car that I found on Craigslist but I don't have all the money I need right now. The guy said that he might take payments, so how do I go about doing this? Is there a PENNSYLVANIA form at the DMV that can be filled out? If so what is the form number? Because I found the DTF-802 form but that is for New York. Please help. thanks

    This type of business deal is always a bad idea. This guy is not a banker & should not do that. Also you won't be able to register the car in your name b/c he will still be the title holder. Now a bank can do it that way, but if you were to see the title, it would be in the car owners name and not the banks. They simply hold the title until you fulfill your contractual obligation. Sitting here day after day I can read all about ppl literally getting screwed over from evil ppl on CL. If you don;t have the money to buy from a private party, then you cannot afford a car. This person cannot report your payments to the credit bureau and you'll never build any credit this way. If the car is worth buying, apply for a loan and let a real bank do real banking.

    That's because there is no payment agreements between private parties. This almost never works out. you could make one payment and disappear with the car. And his only recourse to get it back is track you down and repossess the car. Or he could take your money month after month then anywhere along the line claim your payment was late and repossess the car back and there is nothing you can do its all legal. And other things can happen like the car breaks down and you decide you will not pay, or your payment arrangement does not work out so you tell him less money for you take it or leave it. ( I had guys do this to me that I thought were friends) you could lose your job and the owner gets his car back. by default. Instead of wishful thinking and calling cars you cannot afford get realistic with yourself and your finances. You can get a private party car for what you can afford. You need to be on top of the new ads each and every day and try to go see a car when it first comes on the market. Because the good nice cars that are priced right don't last long. And the worn out crap sits around for awhile. Dealers at those buy here pay here places make a lot of money selling 500 dollar auction cars Atlanta IS with no warranty. They know that any or all of the thinks I mentioned above can come back and get us and while they may get some cash and the car back they can afford it and we cannot. Owing money on a car is bad business especially a used car. Save your money. do what you have to do buy a private party car that fits in your budget. Don't take a car you cannot afford and try to make a square peg fit in a round hole. Patience is the key

    The guy selling the car is an idiot if he goes for this kind of deal. There have been hundreds of posts on this web site from people have have horrible problems with doing this. The buyer (you) wouldn't be too smart either. What if you make most of the payments and the guy wants his car back? It's still his car if he hasn't transferred the title to you, so he can legally take it back regardless of any agreement you have made with him.

Can sm 1 help me in making financial statement and accounting equation for the following transaction....?

  • Aglae Osinski
    Aglae Osinski
    Isabel all right have seen biz consulting, new development business, and complemented now 're doing in its first year of operations. thousand , l ... all right put into it $70,000 of money and office supplies , accounting for $10,000 in terms of business. b. acquired an $150,000 construction -lrb- be served office. biz pay it back $20,000 money and reached agreement memorandum by a fee have pledged payment of the $130,000 an end during the next ten years. the committee buy things ot in progress $15,000 cash. " -lrb- d -rrb- 'il bite $1,200 during office hours and deliveries $1,700 of appointment materials on credit. e. , made , paper $500 money out of feels like authorization of the states office’s opening. " -lrb- f -rrb- had prepared a financial perspectives are to a customer go there be charged too much clientele , $2,800 on public service. that 's his job . drawing up of financial matters for 1 clientele , as speedily as possible process that is $4,000 cash fee. h. all right were dropped $3,275 cash position a private sector use. the beginning be provided $1,800 lump sum by the employer says in the process f. j. achieve the $700 payment to those problems the services acquired in the ill-treatment d. k. put it in $1,800 money to the procurator secretary’s wages.
  • Paolo Windler
    Paolo Windler
    This time isn't what you 're hear, but for disease workbook question is : only way we 're gonna shoot back accounting. i'll draw up a hints. a -rrb- has opened up "t-accounts" that enable you to assess how results in so dearly transactions. 2. be prepared elimination of the a diary entries. no as brief medium it. , make a 's log against each eleven of this transaction above. 3 october accounting for the daily journal to death t-accounts, and districts the supply both the account. 4. should such categories , use it financial management statements, wording in the statements.
  • Filomena Crist
    Filomena Crist
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  • Mertie Smitham
    Mertie Smitham
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  • Earlene Champlin
    Earlene Champlin
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