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    I am 21 and can't drive and can't get a job and my parents are not even living together and neither of them have a job. My father is actually staying with his mother now, and I also have to stay over there when I am not on campus and she does not have a computer and it feels really wierd to be over there because I am not used to it and she acts really wierd and senile. Needless to say my parents do not pay for anything; I had to take out loans to cover anything that was not covered by grants. I seriously think the only reason I am even making it here is because this is the least expensive 4 year institution available to me and I am here just because it is the least expensive even though I do NOT want to be here. this is an historically black institution, and everyone just seems to act so biased towards the black race, and it seems like most people have their parents to pay for everything and they just take advantage of it and waste their money.

    As I said I did not want to go here because I have always been mostly around black people all my life, and I really wanted to experience some racial diversity for a change. And most of the people I have been around have seemed to act like ignorant idiots, especially in high school, so I never even go out of my way to meet people. I just go about my own business and do what I have to do. But as an example, 2 of my former roomates were nice, but they are both screwing up in their classes and wasting their parent's/grandparent's money. they both have cell phones which their parents/gparents pay for, and they do not even have a regular phone. And they have both lost their virginity to guys they barely even knew, and they have failed so many classes it is not even funny. I like to goof off and be immature just as much as anyone, but it really seems like I am the only one who is really serious about my education.

    I feel like I can't even trust any guys because no one seems to be like me. And I would never even want my parents to pay for anything even if they were living together and had jobs because I don't want to burden them. It is bad enough I am in Maryland and can't drive and my grandma is about to die and my mother is in Troy, Atlanta and acts like she doesn't even care. I just really don't see how other people can be screwing up so much, having all these credit cards and spending money like it is nothing when their parents are paying for it. They just take advantage of their parents and on't even care. I save all of my money (which still doesn't help since I can't get a job)and never even buy clothes exept from the thrift store; I just wear what I have. Why can't anyone else just be like me?

    I think you need someone to talk to in real life, not to a bunch of strangers here on the Internet. You've got a lot of problems, issues, and concerns that we can sympathize with, but we can't really do anything to help. Try talking to a minister, a counselor, a therapist, or a friend -- someone you trust and who can discuss the situation with you in the kind of depth that we can't do here.

    Umm I really wouldn't be posting this question here. You should talk to a counselor or advisor about this. If it is firends you are looking for, join a sorority (but then again that costs money). I wish I could help more, but I am at an expensive private college, and I too am one of the "immature" people "wasting my parents money"

    You've already learned the most important lessons...that the privileged people don't appreciate it, and that you will be better off for what you go through now! You will survive and be much better for it! You will succeed and you will earn it on your own! Some things can't be taught to you by others...you learn it yourself! You are the individual, not the follower! Don't look down on yourself...you are the real winner!

    I'm just like you! You can email me anytime: helpthesurvivors@rareearthflutes.com I'm for real, and I'll be up east later on this year! Let's hang out online. I have a bunch of cool websites and stuff. I think you'll really appreciate what I have to offer. Take care! Peace-n-love!

    Your fullashit.

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  • Alexandrea Crona
    Alexandrea Crona
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    Katharina Doyle
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  • Fermin Dickinson
    Fermin Dickinson
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  • Sierra Hoeger
    Sierra Hoeger
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  • Amanda Wilderman
    Amanda Wilderman
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