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    Difficult question to answer. What do you mean by debt? Credit cars? Car loan? Student loan? Mortgage? There is good debt and bad debt. Good debt is debt you incur as an investment in the future. Mortgage and student loans fall into this category. Bad debt is debt you incur purchasing items that will fall in value in the future. Cars and credit card debt fall into that category. My mortgage represents around 20-25% of my net pay, but I do not really consider that a bad debt, because the equity in my home is going up every day. Plus, I can deduct the interest on my federal taxes. On the other hand, I have $0 in credit card and car loan debt, which suits me just fine. The real question is not what is an acceptable amount of debt. It is what portion of your gross income is acceptable to be dedicated to paying off your debt. A reasonable amount would be around 10%, any more is really moving into the range of being seriously detrimental to your financial health. Given that, if you make around $50,000/year, you are in the range of reasonable. Any less, and your on a slippery slope. And, you should be striving to reduce that percentage every day. Best of luck

    Well, you can have savings in a 401k and still be in debt. "Reasonableness" of debt depends on why you're in debt. If it's because you bought a house, that's reasonable debt, if you can meet mortgage payments and didn't overpay when housing prices were through the roof. But a house is an investment. If you consumed everything you borrowed (e.g., spent it all on a luxury vacation around the world), that's another story. Twenty and $5,000 doesn't sound that bad. But throw as much money as you can at that debt, getting that amount down and way you can. Interest and compound interest are killers. Pay it off!

    There is no simple answer to this question. It depends on what your income is, how many assets you have, how old you are, what kind of debt (mortgage and student loan debt are better then credit card or car loan debt). I need to figure out a formula and sell it. Whatever the case, try to get your debt down. Especially the bad debt.

    None. i'm 22, a mother and a student and my good debt is student loans, which i had to have unfortunately, and my bad debt is my car payment, which i also had to have or i couldn't get to school and take my kids to the doctor/school/etc. i cannot wait until tax time next year, i will be completely paying off my car, YAY! then i don't have to start paying back my student loans until 2011, when i will graduate. but i plan on starting a savings account soon to put back a little every month to help take a big chuck out of my student loan payments i will have. =) even having a little debt sucks. it sucks to owe people money. good luck getting out of debt. =)

    EVERYONE is NOT in debt. I have PERSONALLY met 2 self-made millionaires (actually multi-millionaires). NEITHER had had ANY debt in more than 2 DECADES. Barring an unexpected loss of income, I will have ZERO debt by 2015. My mortgage will by my ONLY debt by fall. Your debt level is not large for a 'normal' American, but normal is BROKE. I plan to be weird.

    0. I'm 19 and have 0 debt. How is being in debt reasonable?

    Think about this: If youre in debt then you have no savings..... which do you prefer, to live within your means Auburn to spend more than you earn. the answer should provide you with a lead

    You are going good! 5 grand isn't bad at all. It can be paid off pretty quickly.

    I don't unless you mean student loans. If you're talking credit cards, that's bad.

    About 10 grand, or what you can afford.

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