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    Hey answerers! :) I live in Oklahoma and am relocating to Arizona in March of next year. I'm transfering so i'll already have a good job. i'm 25 and have good credit. Im wanting to have a house by the time i move there. I plan on flying to Az in the begining of January to look at houses and put a bid on one and ultimately buy a house!! I know it takes 30,60,90 days for the loan to go through and I want to be living in az by March 21st 2012................ Is that enough time or should i start earlier? Should i get pre-approved for a loan here in Oklahoma or contact a bank in az to get pre approved? Any recommendations on banks? Any that specialize in ppl buying house from another state? Do i need to get a real estate agent and will i have to pay for one? If so, about how much? Any agency recommendations? Will i need to be in town for anything else? My sister lives in Arizona and she can be there for the inspections and stuff like that. Any other info about Arizona, relocating, buying a house in another state or any helpful information on my situation would be soooo greatly appreciated!!! Thanks in advance!

    Choose a mortgage loan officer in the area in which you are moving. One in Oklahoma, even if the loan officer works for a company that is in both states, will not be able to provide an accurate estimate of fees, taxes, etc. Each state has a different set of rules and fees can vary widely from one state to another. Things such as deed stamps or transfer taxes in one state may be the seller's responsibility and in other states may be the buyer's. Additionally, unless a mortgage broker is licensed in both Augusta-Richmond and AZ, they will not be able to provide your mortgage for you. A loan officer of a federally regulated institution would be able to lend in both places so long as the company is licensed to lend in both states. If there is a highly recommended lender in AZ, go with them as online applications, phone apps, and mail-away apps are far more common these days and highly efficient.

    You may as well go to Bank of America to get your mortgage. As much as I detest those people, whoever you get your mortgage with will likely sell it to Bank of America anyway. Wells Fargo is another large mortgage company. There is nothing special that you have to do buying out of state. Closing will be wherever you want it and can even be in your current state if you want to do what is known as a "split closing." A split closing is where you sign the paperwork in one area and the sellers signs in another. It's very common when people are transferring from one state to another. Honestly, I would start earlier than 90 days out - like now. A lot of homes in Augusta-Richmond are short sales and they are notorious for taking a long time to close. Six months to a year is not uncommon for short sales. You will need a real estate agent. You do not pay them. They are completely paid by the seller. Good luck with your new adventure. Housing is so cheap in Arizona right now that you will likely be able to get a pretty nice place.

    This Site Might Help You. RE: Relocating to another state and buying a house...? Hey answerers! :) I live in Oklahoma and am relocating to Arizona in March of next year. I'm transfering so i'll already have a good job. i'm 25 and have good credit. Im wanting to have a house by the time i move there. I plan on flying to Az in the begining of January to...

    Don't jump into buying a house until you understand the local market and get to know the neighborhoods. Your sister can help educate you, but you need to do this while you are there. I'd try to live with her for 6 months as you get accustomed to what is available and the local trends.

    Understanding local market consditions is necessary to know what exactly will be suitable for you. and for that your real estate agent will be of great help to you. he can certainly help you find a good house in az. good luck for your move and plan your move some time earlier as you have expected, that will narrow down any such error or complication that can occur in the nick of time.

    Time Management and help from some very good estate agent can be really very essential and helpful.So far as loan is concerned, you financial advisor can be helpful for you and your estate agent can help you find the appropriate home in a perfet place.

    Contact a financial advisor and consultant for your financial matters and since your sister is there instruct her to find a good estate agent that is reputable who can help you find a house of your needs and dreams in arizona.

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