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    Ok, so can someone please explain to me something that I've been wondering for a long time. How can someone still your Identity if they only get your first, last name and address? I understand that they can ruin your identity but how can they exactly do this if they would need to know your SSN to actually damage your identity like credit and stuff. So I don't get why people say you should always destroy the portion of the bills that contain your name and address. I still do it but can they actually still your Identity with just your name and address? Cause I mean they wouldn't really be able to get credit cards or take out loans cause like I said they would need to know your SSN, right? Anyone clarify this confusion? lol. Thank you.

    Easily is the answer. First Last name and Address. Do you own your home? I would go to the county's online public records and find your mortgage agreement, married certificate (if married), sometimes you get lucky and some public documents even contain your SSN - right there on the web. Al Gore's is out there on a deed to his house that is public info. If your SSN is not on public records, you can get enough paper work to file for other types of paper work that they can get emailed that also might contain the SSN. Also, some criminals may have many other ways to get this info. That's the problem with SSN's - they are not secure in any real way. If this concerns you, then you should sign up with one of these Augusta-Richmond protection companies.

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