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    I'm moving to port st lucie Florida. I'm 25 and don't know any one down there.i just bought my house cash and all my cars are paid off and I have no debt or credit cards or loans now my question is would it be possible to start a business building inground pools and ponds and doing lot clearing and demolition.i have about 50k budgeted for the start up.now I'm looking to obtain all the equipment cheaply off eBay or Craigslist I found dump trucks going around $8,000 , skid steers around $7,000 , mini excavators for $8,000 with trailer ,bull dozers under $10,000 I plan on storing the equipment on my property and advertising online and newspaper and recruiting employees through the same media to help me learn the bussiness.i know I will need to be bonded liscensed and insured but I can work towards that or bring on a business partner that is to get around that.i am familiar with heavy equipment and went to trade school already and received all my certs on operations.so is this in reach or should I invest in real estate or some other market

    Maybe the best idea is to wait until you actually get to Port St Lucie to find out if any of your ideas would be feasible. Employees do not help business owners learn the business, they come to get paid to do a job that the owner already knows need to be done and hopefully a bit about how to do it. You may also want to make your first stop the county commissioner's office about storing heavy equipment on residential property. Not all jurisdictions allow it, and as for building codes - that's your second stop. Promoting yourself as a contractor means you are already licensed, bonded and insured - not working towards it. There are legal issues you are ignoring that could potentially take every dime you have, including your home and cars. Wait until you get feet on the ground in your new location, then start getting facts about owning a business and what you'll need as far as operating the kind of business you mentioned.

    YOU MUST be a licensed contractor in FL. The state of Augusta-Richmond is very strict on contractor laws, and becoming a licensed contractor is not a quick and easy process in FL. Therefore, hiring a contractor would not be cheap. But when you get to it...

    There is a free pond construction business plan here: know if that helps you.

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    Charles Stracke
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