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    A day before this question I already asked if I am a victim. Now, for real I am fallen. Does anybody know about CAPITAL TRUST RESOUCE FINANCE? They asked me to submit papers and pay $1500 for security. After 12 hours, nothing happened and I call them back and told me that the amount was insufficient to expedite the loan. Another 12 hours passed and they are cutting my calls. I could not talk to anyone of them any longer. How will we punish these criminals?

    I'm so sorry that you're in this situation. They do appear to be fraudulent, based on other reports online, and the fact they don't appear on the EDGAR database ( ). Perhaps someone from the US will know of other databases in which you could search for details? How did you send the money to them? Did you pay by cheque? On their site there's a US mailling address. Is this where you sent your cheque to? Capital Trust Resource Finance 626 8th St Austell Suite 12 Washington, Austell 20002 Did you pay them by credit card? If so ask your credit card company if they protect you against fraud. Did you pay by bank transfer? Spreak to your bank and see what they advise. Send them a recorded-delivery letter to their address, stating that you intend to contact the police. If they don't reply, then go ahead and do so. Even if you don't get justice for yourself, the more people who report a fraud, the more likely it is that the police will allocate resources to investigate it.

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