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    It's a two year online program at a private school, its also a walk on campus 40 min from me...Anyway, we are in debt with car and personal finances 48k! by the time i finish the program( which i just started but might drop today), i will have 20k in debt from school loans and about 24k left on my personal debt, a total of 44k. so, it will be back to square 1 with debt, but have the degree. I was going for Early childhood degree or sociology. The Education degree requires an additional year for credentials. I have a two year in diet tech, but I don't use it. I'm not sure if I should get another 2 yr, or go for my BA. I'm leaning towards to getting my BA, so I can be done with school. I'm 38 married with a 5 and 9 year old. I don't want to be in school there entire young lives. That's why I chose online, but I shouldn't make the mistake again with getting in debt, that's hurting all of us ( my lil family). I get $ for school from the Austell through my husband because he's disabled 100%. I have about 36-40 months left. full time is $1k a month and half time would be around $500, 3/4 time about $700. So, if I went the rout of JR college again, obviously its so inexpensive, that I would have so much $ left over every month. I have science and math courses to take anyway if I wanted to transfer to a state college (public). It would be half the cost of private, its just that it would take me 1-2 yrs at the jr college, and another 3 at the University. I wont be able to do full time at the University because I have the kids to tend to and my husband cannot drive them to and from school, ect. What to do??? I'm kinda lost and frustrated.

    My major at a university would be nutrition or Education or at the jr college, rad tech or child development I thought of RN but i have degenerative disk disease and i Don't think its real bad, but i do feel it. Plus I have sjgrens (imflamation) syndrome, and fibromyalgia. But I love nursing, I was a home health aide for 14 yrs.

    Before you drop whatever you're enrolled in right now, find out if there are any financial repercussions to dropping. For example, will the aid you're using be returned to its sources, and will you yourself end up owing for these classes?

    No. Go get work.

Fafsa and Virginia College?

  • Dagmar Hermiston
    Dagmar Hermiston
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