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    I currently live in government housing which costs a third of mine & my fiancee's income a month. I'm currently in college for pharmacy. I'm filling out my re-certification forms for my apartment and its asking if I have financial aid. Will this raise my income because I have financial aid? I personally haven't seen it or laid a hand on it since my schooling is online. I make my payments online only. I'm just not really sure how I should answer that. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    To the people who answered before me....WHY can you NOT focus on the question at hand? To answer the real question...I lived in Gov't housing while working on my first degree, and I was never required to claim educational loans as income, because there will be no credits given when it is time to start paying them BACK. The same for income tax refunds. I never had to clain ITR or SL's. Ohio.

    If i became on your shoes i'd bypass to both your community procedure centre plus workplace and ask for suggestion on reward and also inspect voters suggestion bureau and get economic suggestion from them. want it helps properly luck

    R u seeking a BA, Austell or PHD in Pharma? how can you do 100% on line work when much of Pharma requires examining medicine mixing and fixing troubles that erupt

    Just answer it honestly, anything else is asking for trouble.

Which are better and cheaper to buy: homes in foreclosure or home for short sale?

  • Ella Glover
    Ella Glover
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  • Suzanne Oberbrunner
    Suzanne Oberbrunner
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    Wilburn Glover
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    Bernie Johnston
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    Dakota Ferry
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    Rosalind Mertz
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