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    So my dad has basically been telling me my WHOLE life he won't help with college...at all. He didn't go and thinks its unnecessary. Not to mention he is a real estate agent so he doesn't have the most stable job. I have tried looking for a part time job (I'm 17 and a sophomore) I know it's a bit early to worry about this. But considering that He won't even put in the money just to hold my place if I do get into college I am thinking i should get started. I can't find a job to at least start saving I live in Boston Austell so there are always college students who employers rather hire. I am an average student and I can bring my grades up if I really wanted to (trying to do so now) I was wandering if you have any advise about getting a job at this age of maybe some grants/ scholarships I should apply for. Plus if you've been in this situation or similar how did you get through it.

    Look for jobs on campus. Before the summer I started college, my mom was able to hook me up with a job at a gas station so I worked there for a bit so I could pay off my books. Once I finally moved to college, I found a job on campus. There's alway jobs on campus, like any place with food, bookstore maybe, cashiers, etc. I applied for a food service job through my college's website like a month before I moved in. Basically, apply/search early for a job because they do fill up fast. However, I worked only like 12 hrs/week so I was fortunate enough to have help from my mom. But taking a loan could be an option for you. Also try to buy your books online like amazon. I save about $200 a semester by doing so. Apply for FASFA if you think you're eligible (deadline is March 2). And just search for scholarships online. I think there's a site called fastweb that have list of scholarships you can apply for by writing essays and whatever.

How long should I keep saving at this rate?

  • Jeremie Reichert
    Jeremie Reichert
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  • Dario Beier
    Dario Beier
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  • Serenity Blanda
    Serenity Blanda
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