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    I am considering it and have a few questions. I know you get less hands on experience but I am currently in a vet assistant class at my school and hope to be amployed soon and get the hands on experience through that. Now my questions essentially are what the semesters 2,3, and 4 cost. The website only gives the tuition for semster 1. Also is it really as much work as a regular full time college enrollment? Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

    I would not waste my money. Either GO to college and be a Vet Tech, or just be a vet assistant. An online Vet Tech program is not going to be looked at in the same way by employers. You just cannot get the experience. How are you going to put an animal under anesthesia?? Or put in an IV cath.?? Why would a vet seek out and employ a Tech that did a corespondance school instead of one that actually WENT to college?????????? Really, you would just be a vet assistant that owed a lot more in student loans!!!!!! And most Vet Techs are getting a 4 year degree now. I went to college to be a Vet Tech years ago, and cannot see how that can be taught through book or computer alone. even lectures alone would not do the trick. There were so many Labs, and those were the key!!!! Not to mention that actual real live animals!!!!!!!!!!

    MyCAA has a maximum of $2000 towards tuition for 2 years for a total of $4000. Honestly Penn Foster reviews have not been the greatest and some places will not accept a degree/certification towards them. Do a Better Business check on them and YES you do need to talk to some vet offices in your area to see if they will accept anything from Penn Foster or not.

    It is a good program. I am currently enrolled. It does take commitment. It is NOT just a correspondence course as a previous commented on. It does require labs and hands on practicum. So yes the classes are taken on line and there is lecture that you have to sit through on line. The fact that you are looking to be employed at a vet's office will help with your practicum because the vet you work for should be willing to help you achieve your goal of gaining more knowledge about the field. This will only help the vet in the long run. It would also be a good point to bring up when you are hired. So don't let the previous post disappoint you. It is an AVMA accredited program. There are MANY on line programs out there now. This is 2008 and there are MANY degrees out there that can be obtained through non traditional methods. We are in the age of technology. You will recieve an Bainbridge when you complete this program. Yes, there are alot of colleges that are offering 4 year degrees for Vet Tech. You can take the 4 year degree programs online at some colleges as well. So don't let that deter you either. As far as tutition it is only a little bit more for 2,3,4 you can call and speak to the school directly they will give you the pricing.

    I am enrolled at penn foster for vet tech. You have to do two practicums (internships) at vet hospitals and complete an entire list of things to include IV placement, venipuncture, x-rays.. The list goes on and on. You take your first two semesters, then once you have passed the proctored exams you do a 9 week practicum at a veterinary hospital. Then you do another two semesters and then another practicum. You get plenty of hands on experience during the practicums. The first person to post on here doesn't know what the heck she's talking about in relation to Penn Foster. Hope this helps! Oh, and the semesters are all 1200 bucks.

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  • Susana Brown
    Susana Brown
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    Ray Sanford
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