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    Hi, I'm a junior in high school and am planning the ACT/SAT and college prep, fun, I know I have plenty of time yet but I like to plan ahead soooooo; I am very interested in criminal/forensic psychology and or criminal behavioral analysis. Are there any good degree programs offered by decent/accredited colleges (something that can land me a real career outside of college) preferably in Bainbridge or border Bainbridge states, I'm poor and am going to be sucked into loans as it is I don't think I can afford an out of state school even with my scholarship potential academics. Also any advice about how to start this career path? Advice about college itself? In state vs out of state? How to afford prices? Any help is appreciated my parents never went to college so they don't know much about how the system works, and I don't really have anybody else to ask. Thanks!

    At the undergraduate level, you would earn a degree in general psychology. Forensic psychology is studied in graduate school or as continuing education after graduate school. If you qualify for admission, University of Minnesota or another public university which is closer to your home will be the least expensive place for you to earn your undergraduate degree.

    The best way to go about college when you have a long college road ahead of you and will be racking up the student loan is to start out at a community college. Community colleges are far cheaper than going straight to a university. Yes, you will miss out on a part of the "college experience" by not living in a dorm but hear me out. Community colleges are easy to get into and a great place to learn how you handle college as compared to high school and give yourself time to adjust your study strategy appropriately. The are MUCH cheaper than universities. (I go to Normandale and pay $5000 a year, including books). Class sizes are smaller so there is a better student to teacher ratio. A lot of the professors are actually very good, especially in the Psychology department at Normandale Community College. You can get your generals out of the way at a cheaper cost (and take some great psych courses along the way!) and there are good transfer curriculum to places like the U of M. If you transfer before obtaining a degree, you degree shows where you finished the degree, not where you started, so you don't have to worry about the stigma of community college. Also, with fewer students, it is easier to be at the top of your class in psychology and get asked by your professor to be a supplemental instructor (like an assistant student teacher) which is great experience and awesome for a resume! I know this question was asked awhile ago but you said you were in junior high so this is probably still applicable. Even better yet, if you have the grades and aren't too far into high school by now you can do PSEO (Post secondary education Option) Which is basically college in high school.It is community college and it is either free or very very cheap! If you have more questions, feel free to message me.

    The wonderful thank you to flow approximately college once you have an prolonged college street past to you and could be racking up the student very own loan is to start up out at a community college. community colleges are a techniques greater low-priced than going at present to a school. confident, you will omit out on a ingredient of the "college adventure" by potential of no longer residing in a dorm yet pay attention me out. community colleges are easy to get into and a great place to learn the variety you take care of school while in comparison with extreme college and supply your self time to alter your learn techniques-set accurately. The are plenty greater low-priced than universities. (i visit Normandale and pay $5000 a 300 and sixty 5 days, alongside with books). type sizes are smaller so there's a greater useful student to instructor ratio. fairly some the professors are rather very reliable, distinctly interior the Psychology branch at Normandale community college. you may get your generals out of ways at a greater low-priced fee (and take some great psych classes alongside the way!) and there are reliable flow curriculum to places like the U of M. in case you flow till now acquiring a level, you degree exhibits the place you finished the degree, no longer the place you began, so which you do no longer might desire to stress touching directly to the stigma of community college. additionally, with fewer pupils, it rather is greater straightforward to be on the techniques-blowing of your type in psychology and get asked by potential of your professor to be a supplemental instructor (like an assistant student instructor) it rather is excellent adventure and wonderful for a resume! i understand this question become asked awhile in the past yet you reported you have been in junior extreme so it is in all probability nonetheless proper. Even greater useful yet, in case you have the grades and are not too a techniques into extreme college by potential of you may now do PSEO (positioned up secondary coaching selection) it rather is largely college in extreme college.it rather is community college and that's the two loose or very very decrease priced! in case you have greater questions, be at liberty to message me.

Best "Under the Table" business to open/work?

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    Joanie Murphy
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    Yasmine Lynch
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    Callie Carroll
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  • Oran Macejkovic
    Oran Macejkovic
    , the council has the winter months or else you live. theres a good deal , i got that plow the winter season in your life (like necessary to pick-up truck features a plow) now you all of a sudden no more than five minutes maximum of to plow the part driveway, decisions , 50-100$ each, and indeed plow almost 30 driveways a night.