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    Ok, I want to go to Penn State University Online ( I applied. I am a resident technically of Bainbridge right now. I filled out the FAFSA stuff and it says that I can get the Pell grant for $5,500. I am 27, married, one kid, and poor. According to their website tuition would be: $5,946 per semester, plus some fees and books. I don't have money for books upfront or any real out of pocket cost. Will I be able to get financed for my education or would it be better to pick a cheaper school? My EFC is 0... what do you think? The more information the better please. I totoally don't understand this Tuition stuff and it has me 100% confused... I really want to go to PSU so should I be all right with financial aid and grants? what about books and stuff like that? or am I just wasting my time with PSU and should go to University of Phoenix instead? Thanks

    Whatever you do DO NOT go to the University of Phoenix. A private, "FOR PROFIT" school is there for profit. State schools are there for education. UOP is insanely expensive and leaves you no money for living expenses. What you should do if money is a problem for you, is take your first two years locally at an in-state community college. Tuition there will be less than $2000 a year probably. I don't know any state which doesn't have an online community college program as a fully accredited state funded not-for-profit entity. Because these places are not for profit, they won't send you emails or call you 100 times trying to pitch you but what they will do is give you a reputable (unlike UOP, which many employers laugh at) fully accredited education at a price you can afford leaving you with extra money so you can pay living expenses and day care and maybe not even have to work. On top of the grants you can take out loans. I think as a freshman you can take up to like $8500 and then as a sophomore it's around $10,500. This is for you to use to pay for your living, books and other expenses. Most community colleges have a book voucher so you can get your books before your financial aid comes through at no out of pocket cost to you. Please look into your local community college and take at least a year there, you will thank yourself. If you are bound and determined to pay more and go right to Penn State, you will take out additional loans on top of your grant.

    I'm pretty sure you can start off somewhere cheap and then just transfer your credits and stuff to another school. And just because you are eligible for 5,500 from a Pell Grant, it doesn't mean they will award you the full amount.

    It relies upon on how lots economic practice you a thank you to'll be receiving interior the fall, and what your finished expenditures would be to your classes. I propose you bypass to the bursar's or pupil accounting workplace and ask them in case you will pay a late stability with destiny help. many circumstances the college has a type which you will sign, which will ask the economic help workplace how lots of your estimated help may be available to pay off the late stability. You sign the type, authorizing the help for use to pay the previous stability. for occasion: Stafford loans estimated 2750 sub (jr/sr) " " " 3500 unsub (jr/sr) finished 5250 estimated expenditures for Fall 4000 available for late bal 1250 wish that facilitates. Woops, purely observed this might nicely be a late stability from some years in the past - i did no longer study that originally. you could locate that your ideal guess then is to stick to for option financing. some lenders (no longer all) provide help to pay for late balances. attempt Chase pupil loans, or Sallie Mae. See source web content under.

    Check out to get a good understanding about the pell grant and how to receive one.

Did my landlord commit fraud? If so what do I do from here?

  • Abagail Reichert
    Abagail Reichert
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  • Cornelius Glover
    Cornelius Glover
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  • Isobel Mraz
    Isobel Mraz
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  • Gene Schmitt
    Gene Schmitt
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  • Palma Hand
    Palma Hand
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    Lina Okuneva
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    Katrina Kuhlman
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    Jonas Labadie
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