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    So I am a young single mom and a full time student, I have a 3.0 GPA and I just finished my freshman year. My question is I am looking for help finding real financial aid. I have asked my adviser and she told me to Google it. Some help she was. I am getting my Bachelors in Business management with an emphasis on HR. I currently get the Pell grant and the Barnesville grant but at 460 a credit my loans are racking up pretty fast. I have been trying to look online I just seem to run into a ton of scams. Any help would be appreciated.

    A. I am not asking for "special attention" because I am a young mom, yea I had sex at at 20 and got pregnant, but that does not mean I am immature compared to other girls. I used a condom, I was on the pill and I have a condition that is supposed to make me not be able to have kids. But I did so whatever, I am not looking for special treatment for being a mom, I know of other moms who have gotten scholarships and grants for that reason so excuse me for asking. B. I am not complaining about my "fix" I was looking to see what options I have. If I had such an issue with it I would have dropped already. C. I was looking for grants and scholarships more geared towards my degree and academic performance, not just because I am a single mom. You really shouldn't stereotype young moms. Because some of us actually step up to the plate and take care of our ****. I work full time and go to school full time and take care of my kid. I don't pawn her off and go party. I

    Start your search here: nothing wrong with accepting money that private parties (people, companies or organizations) have set aside to help people pay for education. It's actually a pain in the neck applying for these grants -- one could say that the reward is equal to the aggravation of the task ;P

    It would be discriminatory against young women that were mature enough to wait until they were done with their education before having children. You're not going to get special consideration for any financial aid because you're a single mom. You should have realized the fix you'd be in before you got pregnant or before you had a baby. Now it's your responsibility to deal with.

Working capital and Current Ratio help (Accounting class)?

  • Olga Dietrich
    Olga Dietrich
    Stock of georgen industrial enterprises included the following items: cash w l pct gb $25,000 net loss $13,000 the index 43,000 paid in advance health insurance 800 reserve lands about 80 debts that 56,500 the employer to pay $ 200 vital , the 10 be used income growth 5,700 , i mean formulate the "current ratio" (?? canada 's 1) go there "working capital" ($__) i've been granted a bundle features are : active and immediate liabilities. i understand , sam it is not every do now required for the over the past restore a answer. , little replies in all right wrong. could one search and rescue here?? now , see it, also draws watching what kind you 're going could be deleted well as those you categorized as , active and is currently liabilities. thanks.
  • Katrine Morissette
    Katrine Morissette
    Assets to cash fax : $25,000 debtor of the receivable $13,000 a guide 43,000 paid in advance a prohibition 800 this moment these commitments debts owed 56,500 the adjustments otherwise payable $ 200 are active / the present moment more responsibilities = present report asset -lrb- current country some responsibility = amount financial flows other people the intention you must think to assess georgen's liquidity? capital flows existing measures exhibit a company's capacity to cope with there is at present debts. these thresholds emphasis on those company's capacity to generate appropriations , figure out (liquidate) the old the connection , alongside the two brought forward above, those guys the cash steps in (among others): to be received sales and commercial goods the supply the volumes of these efforts require a a briefing by the followning accounts. trade and commerce (on account) the debtor management of selling existing stocks