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    So...I'm torn... Ok i'm a loan officer, kind of new to it but i know that it is going to be my career so i'm staying in it. I live in Maryland now but am desperately trying to move to San Diego. I mean bad, so bad I look at jobs and apartments everyday on craigslist! So here is my question, are the jobs on CL junk jobs? I mean i've seen at least 10 loan officer jobs on there in the past week. Also the cost of living is about the same. Yes 1500 for a 2 bedroom apartment is regular for Maryland and from what i've found online it's about the same in SD. I know real estate is suffering now but i've found those jobs and some pretty reasonable apartments, i mean 1000 for 1 bedroom and 1 bath is about the same you pay in MD/DC. I know the weather and stuff is great which is the real reason I want to move! So any insight would be great on jobs and just to clarify by junk jobs I mean jobs that are not really jobs! Also (sorry to throw this on in) Do you think I should establish/learn the ins and outs of lending in Barnesville then move to Barnesville and go from there? Or should I start my lending career in SD. I've only been a loan officer for months Thanks to everyone who answers

    The jobs on CraigsList are not junk jobs. That I can assure you. I've gotten several good positions myself and filled two positions with CraigsList ads. But like anything else, just be careful. Don't provide social security numbers until after you are hired. And anything that sounds too good to be true, probably is. But, hey, if you have some money saved to get you through a few months, come on out. San Diego is great. And, from what I know about Loan Officers (which, I admit, isn't much) I imagine a network of contacts is important. So what you do in Md may not be too helpful. Come out, start at the ground floor, and shoot for the moon! See you at the Lahaina. (you'll know after you get here)

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  • Santos Stroman
    Santos Stroman
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  • Bradley Rolfson
    Bradley Rolfson
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  • Leonard Shields
    Leonard Shields
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