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    I'm not using a realtor and neither are the sellers to avoid extra costs. We want to make a offer on this house and don't know the most professional way to present it? Email? Phone? Are there forms online i can print off and take to them? Last time we bought a realtor did all this for us, and we are just lost without one. But don't think it is worth it to pay a extra 10k to use one.

    It is better to present your offer in person to the sellers. The seller might want to counter your offer this is common, don't get out of whack. Look over any counter offer, if you are pleased then this is the basic contract. If all your questions are answered you might want to consider adding to this contract between you and the owners. This simply mean that you have agreed on a sales price, a down payment, who will pay closing cost and the amount that will be paid. You will also need to add into the contract a potential closing date. This date will not be locked in stone, but a date where you could potentially be close or near closing or perhaps closed. Unlike the real estate agent that might have a form you may draw this contract up on any paper you have handy. If things are omitted, then you would need to make an amendment to the original contract, with both of you signing the contract Once the original contract is signed by all parties concerned take this signed contract to a licensed escrow closing agent. Once escrow is opened you will be assigned an escrow number and officer. This escrow officer will prepare Escrow Instruction based on the signed contract you and the seller gave them. There might be additional things necessary, the escrow closing agent will request them from whom ever they are needed. You will also need to have a title company that will take care of all the title paper work. You might get a referral from the escrow closing agent, however, you could find one in your local telephone book you will be assigned a title officer by name to contact if there are questions. These two agencies work for you, if there are any questions about the transaction you need to ask them so they can keep you abreast of how the transaction is going. If you have not been pre-approved for a mortgage, you might consider doing this either prior or immediately after presenting the offer. Once you have decided that you would want to purchase the property contact a local mortgage broker that does FHA mortgage loans to start the mortgage loan application. There will be items you would need such as proof of income, asset documentation. These things needed would be explained to you once contact is made with the mortgage lender While this is going on you would need to also have your escrow officer contact your mortgage lender to see how this is going. They will pass information between the two that they need. Introduce your title officer to the mortgage person also. Between the three mortgage professionals they will now walk you through the purchase process and complete the process according to local, state and federal laws. Communicate with these people and by all means make sure at each stage you ask questions. Failure on your part to ask questions could cause a little discomfort later on as I didn't know this would happen or I don't understand. Get these questions out now. The process is not difficult just unknown to you. I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck. "FIGHT ON"

    There are forms you can get at any office supply store, but they are barely worth the paper they are printed on. If you spend any amount of time in here, you will see all sorts of questions about how to sue someone over a real estate transaction gone wrong, even when professionals were involved to help with the process. So, to do this with the biggest investment that you are probably going to make is just ridiculous. An attorney will charge you an hourly fee to help you, which can add up quickly. Contact the Realtor you bought your house from and see if they will help you with this one for a flat fee, since buyer and seller are already together, they may help you for much less than $10,000.

    This is why people use Realtors...when they don't know how to legally go about the transaction. You cannot write a legal contract for real estate, that is practicing law without a license and your "offer" isn't worth the paper it is written on. Realtors do much more than paperwork...statistics show that people that don't use Realtors CONSISTENTLY pay more for housing than those that use Realtors...FYI. You need to contact the attorney that will be doing your closing (you cannot do the closing yourself) who will usually draw up the contract for free if you use them for the closing. It is a STATE SPECIFIC form. However, I can tell you right now you are getting ready to get burned...because if you don't know how to do a contract, then you probably don't know how to price the house, deal with inspections, etc. PS: YOU DON'T DEAL WITH AN ESCROW AGENT..EVER...UNLESS YOU BUY Barnesville AN ESCROW STATE. THERE ARE ONLY 4 STATES Barnesville THE USA THAT USE THE ESCROW AGENT PROCESS.

    Contract forms are available at most office supply stores. However they are very generic and may not cover all issues concerning the sale and purchase of a home. Unless you have an electronic signature program, an email offer wouldn't be binding. Never make a verbal offer, as it isn't enforceable. At the very least get title insurance. You might consider retaining a Realtor and for a negotiated flat fee, your Realtor can make sure "all the bases are covered." realtor.sailor

Can someone with experience please help.?

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