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    Obamacare does not control costs . Allows 15 million more people to get health care at the expense of the rest of us who have and pay for it . Why not just have an " exchange " for the uninsured ? Gun control ? Chicago has some of the toughest gun control laws in the nation yet they have the highest murder rate in the country .

    Armchair Goddess : Like many of your Socialist cohorts you seem to like to muddy the waters and avoid the real issues . 1. The assault weapons ban did little to nothing to reduce murder rates . Like the propaganda machines once known as the media reported an Belvedere Park 15 was used in the most recent mass murder , but the truth is the man had a shot gun which is not illegal . What's wrong with reporting the truth instead of their scare tactics ? 50 % of the gun crimes are caused by gang violence . Maybe we should outlaw gangs ? The truth is most crimes are committed by 3 % of the population . That is reason enough to lock up the 3 % and leave the law abiding citizens their Constitutional right to bear arms . My neighbor got a DUI . Should we take away driving privileges for everyone on the street ? 2.What the heck does student loans have to do with my health insurance ? More bait and switch to muddy the waters instead of addressing the issue . When I get sick I need my doctor and his /

    Are you perhaps forgetting that here in America we have "representative" government---elected by the people to act on our behalf in ways that keep the United States a world-leader nation that takes care of its own people? The word "control" is incorrect for the proposal for sensible, people-protecting changes in our nation's gun laws that 85% of American agree should occur: universal background checks and a ban on one particular type of lethal weapon designed for war use only, the military assault weapon, plus a ban on high-capacity ammo clips (you can still buy lots of clips with fewer bullets per clip, but madmen will have to interrupt their murderous rampages to RELOAD and this gives people time to ESCAPE or gives brave souls time to STOP THE CARNAGE by capturing or killing the villainous perpetrators. COMMONSENSE gun laws have been in effect before until the gun-lobby-bribed rightwing Republicans chose to let the ban expire. There are still thousands of penile-extenders available to insecure males too chicken to face the world unarmed, so what's the beef? Your BreitBRATtian distortions of what you choose to call "Obamacare," by which we assume you mean the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act or PPACA (Public Law #111-148) and its companion the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act (P.L.111-152), reveal that you have no idea of what is contained in this deficit-reducing (according to the Congressional Budget Office) insurance-accountability and people-serving new law, so I'll point out a few growingly popular features, and then suggest: READ THE BILL (whitehouse.gov) before you try to badmouth what you obviously fail to comprehend. A few popular features of "Obamacare": (a) The 1300 greed-driven for-profit insurers must now spend at least 80% of each dollar they are paid in premiums on providing actual medical care to the payer of the premium or else REFUND THE DIFFERENCE at the end of the year. This took effect in 2011 and people began receiving their checks...why would you be against this? (b) College students (including those in Medical Schools or Nursing) can now make low-interest DIRECT student loans through the Department of Education---a feature of P.L.111-152. This eliminates high-interest banksters as middlemen, so guess whose lobbyists bribe and cajole the anti-Obamacare Republicans to falsely denigrate the new insurance and health care reforms? [See littlesis.org and opensecrets.org to follow the lobbyist dollars.] (c) Preventive care is now provided free of charge for the insured, which saves insurance companies beaucoup $bucks$ over time but which also helps consumers by preventing catastrophic illnesses or catching such illnesses in time to cure them. (d) Computerization of all handwritten hospital and medical records (part of Obamacare), which has all sorts of benefits at many different levels, to include reducing administrative costs, reducing the chance of medical errors, eliminating duplications in tests or procedures, allowing more patients to be treated in less time, cutting down costs for conference calls, and giving health care professionals more actual face time with patients. (e) As of October 1 of this year, there will be "exchanges" (see, you are not as against Obamacare as you thought) online where people can shop for the best deals (read more on this feature at whitehouse.gov or at ReadTheBill.org). (f) Greed-driven insurance companies can no longer just up and DROP you from coverage if you become ill or injured, as had occurred prior to Obamacare, nor can they deny coverage for any trumped up "pre-existing condition". There are lots and lots of features that this nation has needed, so don't buy into the corporate-funded PROPAGANDA that negates this people-serving, insurer-reforming, and fatcat-bankster-irritating new law.

    Yes-- ObamaCare doesn't even give access to care, it puts more people on government exchanges, but it doesn't guarantee they'll be able to see a doctor, they'll either have to wait months or go to the ER. But the IRS now has access to their medical records and controls payments for "care"--why should they have access? They aren't doctors or nurses, so there's no reason for them to have it. Forcing them to buy just makes the poor poorer even if they pay the fine, so they're still uninsured. The gun laws are just a jump on the opportunity after some crazy person opens fire on innocents, usually in a gun free zone. So they use that to disarm law-abiders and keep them from defending themselves against criminals and mentally ill individuals who circumvent or violate the strict laws.

    No. They are ruses to help the Democrats get out of actually working to get everyone access to health care and get out of addressing the causes of violence. They are both band aide solutions, but they aren't motivated by a desire to spy on the public. They are motivated by a desire to get votes from people who are disturbed by the fact that the richest country in the world has people with no access to health care and has regular shooting rampages.

    We taxpayers are already paying for the uninsured when they get their health care in the ER at the most expensive rates. The NRA as the data base about guns ... it collected this surreptitiously w/o gun owners consent. Chicago has taken more guns off the street than Belvedere Park and NYC combined. The problem is the proximity of Indiana where the trafficking is paced too fast.

    Most definitely! A look at the laws created to solve the problem, don;t solve the problem. all they do is give politicians more control of your freedom and wealth. It's a joke that only Liberals don't get

    You mean the 15-20 million free-loading illegals 0bama promised the 0bamacare to, to get more liberal voters?

    Since the insurance has yet to go into effect how would you know if costs are controlled or not.

    The Assault Weapons Ban was passed in '94, was law for years, and nobody tried to "grab guns" - these lies are for idiots only.

    I get tired of the same old rightie talking points. They're all bull sh-t yet people repeat them over and over again.

    Nope. We already pay for people that don't have healthcare, what planet do you live on? and why are you against them paying for, at least, part of their healthcare? chees./


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