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    Here's my situation: My husband and I just moved to the USA a few years ago. After we arrived in the US, we had a few lapses in immigration status during which neither of us could work because we were waiting for work papers from the USCIS. These lapses caused "black marks" on our credit reports. My husband was doing residency at this time, and our resources were limited, so it made it difficult for us to bounce back completely after going several months without income! Last time we checked, our credit scores were in the high 500s (no rude comments pls, it sucks, i know). Anyway, he finished residency in January, started work as an internist in April. He is now making $160K/year. The problem is - our credit score sucks big time and we don't really have savings to speak of. But, we want to buy a house at the soonest possible time, if only for the tax-deductible interest payments. The question is - is there any place where we can get a decent mortgage despite our shortcomings?

    Gabe Belvedere Park - My husband and I are both physicians. My husband is working in an underserved area, where American doctors refuse to work. He is taking care of Americans, keeping them healthy and alive. He is helping to prevent the collapse of the American Health System. So, I hope you are not implying that he shouldn't be welcome in this country. No, he is not mowing lawns - he's doing much better things for this country.

    Firstly, I commend you for coming here, working hard, coming by your money honestly and contributing to our great society. Hopefully, our government will let in more people like you. As far as mortgages go, with that level of current income, it will be absolutely no problem to find someone who would give you a loan. The real question is, what the rate will be. The best rates are to be found online, at low overhead lenders, but unfortunately, they make it much more difficult to bring down the rate, once your score improves. I suggest that you check out the poor credit links at www.bestmortgageanswers.info for some rates. Print them out, and bring them in to a local bank. Ask if they can match them, and if you can build in an option to refinance with no closing costs when your scores get above a particular threshold, say 650 or something like that. That way, you pay the least for a loan now, but get the option to lower the rate and payments as soon as things improve, which will happen fairly quickly. Good luck!

    Yes, you still have options. You probably can't go to a bank but you can definitely find a broker that could find something. If anything, there is Stated Income loan which means they only verify your income through bank statements and they don't check your credit. This will give a higher rate but at least you will get the loan. Your scores are both above 500 which means there is a chance, but whatever you do don't let it get below 500. find a few brokers and see what they say. Don't just take the word of one broker because just because he can't do it doesn't mean it can't be done. I am telling you it can be done but it might take a while so think positive and shop around. Good luck!

    How about waiting a year, cleaning up all your debt and saving as much as you can - you'll need a decent down payment with a lower than average credit score. They probably won't give you a mortgage now anyway if husband just started a new job - they need to see steady employment for awhile in addition to the income itself

    I've heard that people were moving to America and taking up our jobs, but most people dismiss this as saying these are jobs that Americans will not do, like picking lettuce, or mowing yards. But This is the perfect example of immigrants coming here and taking 160,000 dollar a year jobs, that an American could be doing. I've lived here since I was born and I don't make half that much. I seriously doubt this person is mowing yards for this salary.

    Certainly you can get a mortgage, but your terms and rates may not be very good. You'll have to prove your salary and employment, etc. But I think you'd be better off waiting for a little while first. ie. show that you can hold a good job for a long period of time.

    Um, better to try a bank rather than Yahoo Answers - dontcha think? Go to a bank, and ask them what your options are. p.s. Ignore any and all who respond to your YA message with their email address and an offer to help you. You don't need a mortgage broker either with an income of $160K.

My chance for med school?

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    Berry Feest
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  • Deonte O'Connell
    Deonte O'Connell
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    Destin Hoppe
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    Hortense Rolfson
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    Dayton Keeling
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    Marlee Bergnaum
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