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    Ok...sorry if its kind of long. Here is my situation...My mom wants to leave my dad(for a lot of reasons that i dont feel like explaining). She has already called my grandma who lives in Belvedere Park to help her get out of here(we live in Belvedere Park right now). MY DAD DOESNT KNOW YET. She wants to take my brother, sisters, and me. I do not want to go. Its kind of hard for me to explain why (there are a few reasons). She is trying to force me to go by making me feel guilty by saying that i love him more than her, which isnt true, i love them equally. (she isn't mean she just doesn't want to leave me). If she does end up leaving and i stay here i am going to need to get a full time job or 2 part time jobs (i already have a job on weekends) because my dad wouldnt be able to support us by himself (due to debt from loans). We would have to move to an apartment because it is cheaper and some pay for utilities(making it even cheaper). If we found an apartment like this(ive already found some) we would be able to save up some money to start paying off his loans. I know it will be very hard but i want to stay and help him. My mother could make it without me because my brother(19) and sister(18) will be working and helping her pay for bills, rent, etc. So my questions are: Is there an online high school (free or cheap) where i can finish my schooling and get a real high school diploma or is my only option to get a G.E.D.? My dad might not even allow me to leave my high school but i am planning ahead just in case. & Does my plan seem somewhat possible? Serious answers only please! I really need help and i have nobody to turn to. If you have any questions about my situation please feel free to email me. F.Y.I : I am a 16 year old girl in my junior year of high school.

    If u love them both equally, why not tell Dad whats going on. Maybe the problem can be fixed if he knows.

    Sweety, I am so sorry you are in this situation. Ok listen, you have come so far in school so please dont turn away from that. Graduate from high school. As far as everything else, I know exactly what you mean. My mom did the same to me and I lost several years with my dad. If you want to stay with your dad, tell you mom you love her but you dont want to move and leave everything you have known. As far as the job goes, let you dad decide how it goes. You are too young to be putting so much burden on yourself. If it needs to be, your dad can get assistance from the state. God provides in every situation, good or bad. We may not understand this at the time, but he does see us through the bad times. I wish you luck and if you need a shoulder, you can email me. Good luck honey and dont worry it will work out.

    I feel for your delima you have been placed in. What I would advise you to do is "FOLLOW YOUR HEART" someone needs to be there for your dad and it sounds like you are grown enought to see that. You have a soul that will keep you alive even through all that may come your way, and within yourself you will find how to get through it all. It will be hard, and seem impossible at times, but it would linger in your heart a mind for years to come if you didn't follow what you feel inside. You are not doing it for foolish reasons either, this is what impressed me about what you wrote... As for your mother, she has made her decision - she should not make you feel that you have any less love for her just because of what you want in your life..............but it will be you that will decide what you are going to do. FOLLOW YOUR HEART.....IT WILL LEAD YOU Belvedere Park THE RIGHT PATH.. take care

    First stay in school the diploma is the easier way to go; however a G.E.D is considered to be at the same level as a diploma. but collages and higher education places look at the diploma as a signification that you will finish what you start. I maybe wrong but i think that most full time jobs require you to be 18 or older.

    Oh Sweetie; my heart aches for you, and your brother and sister. However, it is especially aching for you because you are the only official 'minor' in this unfortunate situation. First, and most importantly, understand that the fact that you are taking both your parents' feelings and emotions into considerations speaks volumes for your maturity; but on the flip side of that, it saddens me because it is not you who should be doing the worrying in this unexpected time of family turbulence and troubles. Please understand that I am not the type of person who judges nor am I the type of person who assumes I know exactly what you are dealing with in your situation regardless of how similar it may or may not be to something I have experienced in the past! With that being said, I will not 'judge' or question your Mother's decision to leave your Dad, for that is between the two of them. However, as a Mother of two teenage daughters, one is about to turn 14 the other is about to turn 13, and someone who is also struggling with issues with an unexpected obstacle in the marriage with their Father, I have to say that in this situation there is and should only ever be one priority and that is the children, regardless of how old they are. I do not need to know the reasons your Mother wants to leave your Father, again they are personal reasons between the two of them. However, it is your Mother's responsibility to communicate her reasons with your Father and to not leave your with the burden of a plan to leave that has yet to be executed. Nor, should you my sweet and caring girl, feel that the burden of your Dad's reaction to the news is left on you! Unless he is physically or emotionally abusive to either your Mother, you or your siblings, there should be no reason for your Mother to share with you and your siblings her intention of leaving until she has made them clear to your Father. You are a Junior in High School and no child, teenager, young woman should bare your burden! Not your Mother's burden for wanting to leave your Father and not your Father's financial burden! Both of your parents need to sit down and talk about what by far the most important part here and that part is you, your sister and your brother. They should be discussing what is in 'your' best interest and you should not be worried about what is in 'their' best interest. Again, Honey, I am not judging or ridiculing your parents; however, I am trying to relay to you how important your well being is in this situation. What an amazing young lady you are to be so concerned about both of your parents's well being. The truth of the matter is, your parents should be worried about your well being. My recommendation to you is to sit down with your Mother and to share with her as sincerely as you possibly can how this has made you feel and the agony it has caused you. Perhaps, she is so caught up in the problems she is experiencing with your Father that she has not taken a step back to think about the effect it is having on her children. Again, as a Mother, if my girls were to come to me and explain that I was unintentionally hurting them by the way I spoke about their Father (regardless of my reasons and how valid they may be), and the very fact that they were concerned that I was going to pick up and move which would mean eliminating their routine interaction with a Father they obviously love and care about; quite frankly I would be ashamed of my actions! I would then apologize, reassure them that my choice to leave their Father had nothing to do with them and everything to do with their Father and I; then I would give them the "heads up" that I was about the break the news to their Father. I would also reassure them that I would not move away from their Father (and trust me on this one, I want so desperately, to move back to another state), however I refuse to do so until they are at least 18 years of age and can and will live where they want to. Now, I have rambled and gone on far too long. It comes down to this; you are the baby of the family and you are not yet an adult. Until you are officially 18 (and perhaps beyond that), your parents are here to take care of you, you are not here to take care of them. Your Mother really needs to keep your best interest in mind and I am sure she knows that. She is probably struggling with the fact that she may have to leave you for a while and any Mother does not want to leave their child for any period of time. Tell her how you fell, just put it out there and for once, think about you, your life, your feelings and express them! I have a feeling that your Mother would hate the fact that she has put you in a situation that has caused you so much grief and worry and will then start to think about her actions with your best interest in mind! It is not easy, but if I were your Mom, I would want you to tell me how you were feeling, because you would be the most important thing in m

    Mandy, please don't throw away the rest of your childhood because your parents decided to split. Whatever problems they have created, they need to fix them themselves. Your job right now is to concentrate on school and prepare yourself for the job world. If you abdicate everything right now, it will affect your whole life. Please, go with your Mom and finish high school properly. Then consider college, if only part time. Good luck to you, sweetie.

    Yes there is a lot of schools offering online high school courses now. here are some

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