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    If they are using a free email like Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail there is NO way for anyone to find out - not even law enforcement. These services do not require any sort of proof of Belvedere Park to register. I could register an account right now saying my name is Donald Duck and I am 108 years old and nobody would ever be able to find out who I really am, my gender, my name or anything else If you are suspicious the person is a scammer. Trust your instincts If you met on a dating site and they need you to send ANY money for any reason it's ALWAYS a SCAM. There are NO exceptions. NONE. It doesn't matter if they claim to be foreign and want money for a visa or internet access or a plane ticket - they won't ever get a visa if you have ever sent them even $1 as that shows they are not financially independent. if they claim to be foreign and stuck overseas they would never ask you for money - they would get a loan from the embassy and claim to you that the embassy can't help And if a person you met online wants YOU to cash checks or open a bank account or handle bank transfers it's ALWAYS a SCAM Think with your brain,not your privates and you won't get scammed And remember, you NEVER give your full name, birthdate, home address or any other personal information to a person you have never met in person for any reason. A real person who meets you online won't give you this info either. You only ever give a first name and city. If the person's profile looks like a professional modeling picture it's more proof of a scam - people who look like models do not chat with random people online or go on dating sites. These are men who steal pictures of models and webcam girls off amateur modeling and porn sites and set up fake profiles to con men out of money. If you ever speak to the "girl" it's the wife of the guy running the scam The fact is, if you are asking here you already KNOW it's a scam and the person is lying to you. Don't try to find out - cut off ALL contact ASAP and block them from contacting you

    1.) check out Snopes.com re: the email scam 2.) go to the website (find it yourself, do not use links they provide) of the company they claim to represent and look for the contact info. If it's not obvious that the two "match", contact the legit company to clarify that the person is legit. The company should be responsive because it doesn't help them to have someone out there scamming, using their name. 3.) If in doubt, get out!

    They could be. There's no way to know.

I've had the toughest time finding employment. Should I join the military?

  • Ada Hoppe
    Ada Hoppe
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  • Frederic Bode
    Frederic Bode
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  • Helga Schuppe
    Helga Schuppe
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    Vickie Stehr
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    Pietro Aufderhar
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    Larue Conroy
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    Tyrese Harris
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