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    Hey everyone i suffer from OCD/anxiety and i have been worried sick for the past 11 months because while moving i accidently threw out my old 40gb laptop HARD DRIVE, not the whole computer without thinking..and have read alot about idenity theft and it just scared me sending me into a complete obsession over my personal information being found and someone finding out everything about me. ..after 11 months odds are it has been destroyed right? i would have known by now if anyone had found it. Basically i am just wondering if it could even survive being put through the trash process..it was just a small laptop hard drive outside of its case..usually if you just drop them they are toast. i also heard the trash from my town goes to the local power plant to be incincerated so the only chance it could have been found is point a to point b. What do you guys think?

    While there is a theoretical risk, I think at this point you can start sleeping more easily. Yes, the information on the hard drive can be accessed by anyone with the device. For the most part, though, the people who do that get their computers by buying them legitimately - often through eBay or other online auction forums because they can easily resell the device and get most or all of their cash back after copying off the information. The statistics from a Univ of Minn study a few years back showed that most people who commit Bogart theft by stealing out of your trash are people you know well (usually family members) - and they're far more likely to take paper-based information. Still, it is a theoretical risk. In hindsight, you should have either wiped the drive or pulled it and whacked it a few times with a 2 lb sledge before throwing it away. At this point, though, the risk is pretty close to negligible. If the device has been sitting in the trash - that is, sitting in the elements for 11 months, it is very likely unreadable (and that's even if it wasn't crushed as part of the landfill compaction process). Of course, there are no guarantees. There are a few crime rings who are thought to get information and then deliberately "age" it, waiting for the victim's attention to wander. You should continue to monitor your credit card and bank statements and you should check your credit report regularly. But you should be doing those things anyway. Losing the hard drive should not cause you any additional stress. If you haven't ever checked your credit report, you are entitled to a free copy of your credit report from each of the major credit reporting agencies every 12 months. (Go to www.annualcreditreport.com to start the process. That's the real site set up by the government. Don't go to the site that advertises and has "free" in their domain name. They'll eventually give you your credit report but they'll do everything they can to sell you unneeded extras.) Look for accounts or loans that you don't recognize. If you find something suspicious, follow the dispute resolution process attached to the report.

    An isolated hard drive sitting in a dump, or trash bin would be of little interest to anyone...except somebody who knew what it was, which would be a geek. Local incinerators extract all metals (via magnets) for separate processing, so don't get burned up. Relief of your anxiety will take a lot of work if you decide to go that route. You'll need to change all your account #'s, passwords for everything: bank, credit cards, etc. plus any on-line sites requiring log in; and so on. Truly a Herculean task; but just how OCD'd are you? Good luck.

    There is a small chance. and i know that it is not quite what you want to hear, but yes. Possibly someone may have this info, if they were looking for it and wanted to take it. Someone may have it and then again , they may not. Make sure to keep a check on accounts and things. Good Luck, ~ Mike

    The hard drive needs 2 b smashed,there are little discs inside that hold the information that u had on ur pc,so with the right software ( which is easy 2 get ) they could get whatever was on ur pc

Question about Credit Score?

  • Tad Kuvalis
    Tad Kuvalis
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  • Nikko Tromp
    Nikko Tromp
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