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    Ok... so i graduated from high school on 2006 and i have had a few odd jobs here and there while ive been figuring out what i want to do with my life. i took a career planning class in the last semester of high school and i came out of it with : " likes water sports and sailing, adventurous spirit, has high morals and could be described as a thrill-seeker." many people said then and are still suggesting that i join the navy, i've looked into it and would like to travel the world, esp. Mediterranean and europe/ tropical places, want training in sailing and law enforcement. not sure if a law enforcement career in the navy is one that will let me travel while in active duty. also i need to know what to do to get into A school after boot camp. also, i have minor financial debt and mediocre credit( less than 3000$) can the navy help? i need real answers and real testimonies. thanks.

    I would not limit your conversations JUST to the Navy. Talk to Navy, USMC, Air Force, and even the Army. From your description, I see you as a possible Marine. As long as your not delinquent on your loans, you will be fine to any of the services. If you are delinquent, your going to have to get these paid. Just DONT file bankruptcy. Get a job or a loan from someone in your family and get them paid. In any service, you are obligated to show financial reasonableness. If you are making your minimum payments, you will be able to call some of these companies and explain to them that you are going to be going to boot camp. Some of them will honor the Soliders and Sailors act and might allow you to not make any payments while your at boot camp or deployed. Finally, if you are **** hot, do really well on the ASVAB (study first (both online and by an ASVAB study guide)), are physically fit and have no other issues like criminal or drug waivers, you could find yourself in position to get a job with a bonus that could pay for the $3K. MAKE SURE YOU look at all of the services though! Each one will do ANYTHING to sell you... but its YOUR life and worth your time to look at each. You can even tactfully tell the recruiter that you want to talk to the other services to make sure!

    Ok hun.. the navy does have law enforcement thats the program i am in. the test you took was the myers briggs personality test? well i took a test my second year in college and it told me the same .. it told me to seek law enforcement but something not in an office something with thrill action and adventure. If you are looking for travel. the navy is right for you .. you can actually volunteer to get deployed which is not only fun but its also an awesome way to save up for a good purchase.. the debt if it is in medical bills might not affect you as long as you offer to pay it back and they will even put you in a relief that takes off any fees or interests.. If your looking for something fun and challenging i suggest you check out Master at arms which is military police.. ask a recruiter near you or you can get into the navy chatroom after 3 i believe and talk to someone on there. I leave nov 24 for the master at arms program .. if you need mroe info feel free to message me my sn on aol is broimarockstar ;]

    I really would not recommend joining the military at this time. If the Iraq War drags on, you might get roped in -- even while in the navy. If it's real answers and real testimony you want, ignore the recruiters. The military is so short of recruits, they will say just about anything to get you to sign up. Don't trust them. You're cannon fodder to them -- nothing more. You envision yourself sailing the world, going to the Mediterranean and tropical places. You see yourself in a crisp, clean uniform with your parents looking on proudly. Do you envision yourself on KP or cleaning toilets? How about landing up in filthy, understaffed Bogart hospital? How about being in a wheelchair with little mobility and no sex for the rest of your life? Stay at home and scrimp and save to get through school. Go to a less expensive public university. A two year community college, for instance, usually offers an associate's degree. You could go on to get a bachelor's. Work and go part-time if you must. Live with your parents and within your means. You say that you have minor debt. Keep it minor. Student loans can take years to repay. Yes, I know that military offers financial help. However, if I had a son or daughter, I would urge him or her to avoid the military at all costs. There are other ways to pay for school. Law enforcement's not a bad career choice, especially if you're interested in it. One benefit I can think of off the top of my head is that the job can't be outsourced so easily. Just make sure you're genuinely interested in the day-to-day work. Research the field to make sure you like it. Again, don't just imagine yourself in a uniform. Good luck!

    Hello Joe M. I'm a USN Master At Arms, which pretty much translates into the Navy's version of Military Police, and I can tell you The USN M@A rate is actually in reality multiple diffrent Jobs. You Have: Basic Law Enforcement- This is your Basic Master at Arms, and he doesn't really travel that much, almost simliar to the Navys version of Grunt (Albeit, a Lazier one) I am one of these, usually get stationed on a base for 2-3 years, never leaves Mobile Security- A Mobile version of the Above, go on ships to Provide Security in Forign Ports, and Provide an On-ship Security Detail (Usually on MSC ships, Marines usually Provide this on Military Ships) Wannabe Marines ( Once Again Lazier) Military Working Dogs (K9 teams)- Pretty much the same as Basic, but with a K9, really fun and enjoyable, the Dogs are great, get Deployed alot though. Comes in 2 Varieties, Bomb Dogs, and Drug Dogs Personal Security- Basically a Bodyguard. Haven't met one, so I can't really Give you much info Pretty much currently we are a Watered Down version of Marines, before any marines bash on me, I said watered down. We aren't as well trained as Marines, But I'll take on any of you Devil Dogs in Beer Pong I also can tell you if you Do go Master at Arms, you will more then likely be standing at Guard Posts.... very boring, and with the Navies being worried about Public Perception, you may as well be a Wal-mart greeter with a gun. But it has its fun parts. I enjoy being a master at Arms, but I'm going Reserves after my time is done. Hope this Helped you out. -MA3 McKittrick, USN

    Why can't you join in Marines or Coast Guards?

What is a "McDojo" that was mentioned in my last Q's answers and what are some tips for spotting them?

  • Alexzander Jacobi
    Alexzander Jacobi
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  • Deonte Gaylord
    Deonte Gaylord
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  • Kristy Walter
    Kristy Walter
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  • Bennie Gleason
    Bennie Gleason
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    Zane Klein
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