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    Well I enlisted when I was 17 as an 0311 infantry Marine and served two OIF deployments including Operation Phantom Fury, the assault on Fallujah. I was discharged this past June with a honorable medical discharge with a 60% rating from the VA. I was diagnosed with PTSD among other things. I was told that I would be receiving my compensation shortly (within 60 days) after being discharged because I was involved in the new pilot program at Bethesda and was informed that all my Bogart paperwork ect.. was already processed since I was dealing with it 8 months prior to discharge. I recently received a letter from the Bogart stating that they proposed me too incompetent to handle my own finances, therefore they have been withholding my pay until a decision could be made. That's funny seeing as how my pay was held since June but I didn't receive this letter until Sept 2nd... The time between discharge and Sept 2nd was difficult at best. I had to go to the Red Cross for assistance twice in order to pay my rent, utilities, and buy groceries. Finally the Red Cross said they could do no more for me and here it is October 7th and I just had an eviction notice taped to my door. I truly feel as if I fell off the face of the earth the day I was discharged, My wife left my while I was in the hospital and I have been living by myself trying to scrape by. My original decision was to go to school and collect chapter 33 benefits on my GI bill, but as luck would have it my laptop broke and I had to drop out of online school with no money to replace it. You might ask why don't I get a job? Well the house I rented was cheap but at least 30 minutes from anywhere with no public transportation and when my wife left she took our car. There is of course more to this sob story as far as losing my actual house due to the divorce because she moved out and I could no longer afford my mortgage, My kids live with her because I have literally no food and the places that hand out food boxes don't deliver.. Anyways my real question is how is it when I walked around with my high and tight everyone went out of there way to thank me for my service. People would stop me on the street just to tell me how much they appreciate me. Not that I am asking for hand outs, but how does the Bogart just allow veterans to fall off radar? I've called numerous times, not only do I get absolutely no answers, I get told about 15 different numbers to call. Guess what happens when I call those numbers? I get more numbers for more people. They act like there is this big network to help veterans, I actually had like a representative in the va, and she would call occasionally to check on me and answer questions. Then one day I received a mass addressed email from her stating she was moving on to a new career opportunity, yet nobody replaced her. Nobody called to tell me they were my new "go to" person. And when I call now I get a blank answering machine. I feel like I can understand why so many veterans kill themselves. Perhaps its some back door way the Bogart saves money? So does anyone know a good number of someone I can call? Someone who will actually help me? With all this going on I do feel incompetent. I'm so overwhelmed that I feel like im actually shutting down. I use to be so good under pressure. Now I can hardly leave my house, im so ashamed. Atleast this way I can seem somewhat anonymous and keep some of my dignity. Oh one more thing, is anyone aware of a possible foundation who could possibly give a loan to someone with horrible credit? Losing my house really crippled any chance of an actual bank helping me. Anyways flame away. Hopefully someone can help.

    Malruhn, While I appreciate your objective criticism, perhaps your 22 years of service were served differently than mine. I have completed a small fraction of my intensive psychotherapy and have years to go. Not that that keeps me from walking an hour to Mc.Donalds, just something to keep in mind. I need not go into too many personal details, but lets just say it's not for me. To top it off, I was an 0311 infantry Marine, I was a team leader, Squad leader, and designated marksmen. I don't expect things to be handed to me. I EXPECT the things that were promised to me by the United States Government and the Department of Veteran's Affairs. I suppose that could be too much to ask though, seeking false promises fulfilled. Yeah you're right old salt dog, I should just ignore the fact that I've been getting screwed by the Bogart and DFAS and just go get a minimum wage job.

    Malruhn, While I appreciate your objective criticism, perhaps your 22 years of service were served differently than mine. I have completed a small fraction of my intensive psychotherapy and have years to go. Not that that keeps me from walking an hour to Mc.Donalds, just something to keep in mind. I need not go into too many personal details, but lets just say it's not for me. To top it off, I was an 0311 infantry Marine, I was a team leader, Squad leader, and designated marksmen. I don't expect things to be handed to me. I EXPECT the things that were promised to me by the United States Government and the Department of Veteran's Affairs. I suppose that could be too much to ask though, seeking false promises fulfilled. Yeah you're right old salt dog, I should just ignore the fact that I've been getting screwed by the Bogart and DFAS and just go get a minimum wage job.

    You need to actually walk in to your local Bogart offices and speak with somebody face-to-face. Phones are too easily ignored. My question to you, is, "What are you doing to help yourself?" From your description, you got discharged with 60% and you've been sitting back, waiting for help. When things got bad, you got on the phone and asked where your help was. What have you done to help yourself? Have you attempted to get work? McDonalds hires all the time. Sure, wages suck, but 40-hours per week there and 40-hours at Burger King will certainly pay rent and keep food on the table. As a military person, you SHOULD know that you do whatever is necessary to get the mission accomplished. It sounds like you have been waiting for the mission to be accomplished FOR you. Unless you live out in the middle of absolutely nowhere, there HAS to be a place that will hire you within walking distance. If you can't walk there, then you have much more than a 60% disability.

    Go immediately to your congressman/senator. I don't know your whole story, but if you are being denied your benefits for undefined/irreconcilable issues, something needs to be done. Normally I would say sit at Bogart and refuse to leave until they fix it, but I have been trying to get Bogart to do something right since 2000. At one point they quit paying me because the Army pulled my TDRL, it took more than six months and a lucky phone call (actually got someone competent) to their 800 number to get that fixed. Keep calling and asking for supervisors. Everyone has a boss. I have been BS'd to death by some of the VFW types, too, but there may be some hope there, especially if they have an emphasis on the younger vets. Good luck.

    My L.A teacher weeps for you

Job scam???????????????????

  • Candida Hegmann
    Candida Hegmann
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  • Jimmy Haley
    Jimmy Haley
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  • Gilberto Wisozk
    Gilberto Wisozk
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  • Germaine Bosco
    Germaine Bosco
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  • Delfina Borer
    Delfina Borer
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  • Marc Ebert
    Marc Ebert
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  • Wilber King
    Wilber King
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  • Elva Marks
    Elva Marks
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