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    So, I'm almost 15 (June 2nd) and my parents got divorced when i was 8. I don't talk to my real dad anymore and my mothers a real whore. Instead of comforting me through the divorce she beat me (yes, when i was 8) and threw me through my door. My step-dad (step-dick) not only witnessed this SEVERAL times, but almost- in a way, encouraged it. Same with my sister. I went to elementary school crying everday and the CPS got involved, but nothing ever happend. This went on until I was about 11. On top of all this, in 5th grade, I started dressing gothic-ish. I was made fun of, it hurt immensely... but I didn't stop dressing that way. In 6th grade I started skateboarding but I sucked really bad, but I made some friends. They were all about 17-19 and I was 11. I lied to them saying I was really 13. I know that was stupid but they just wouldn't accept me. How do I know this? Come on, if they knew I was really 11 they wouldn't even give me a chance. This went on for a year until I turned 12 and my sister started going to the skate park to flirt with the guys because girls are slutty. Word got out about my 'big lie' and I recieved threats from multiple people and my sister, SHOCKINGLY, she decided to side with them. So did the rest of my family, I was once again alone. I could go on, but you get the point. ANYWAY- I am now 14 (almost 15) and my step-dick and mother are in major debt. They claim it's not a big deal but I have a feeling it's about $100,000+ because their resutrant went out-of-business. SOME HOW my sister and mother and step-dick are always supplied with necessaties such as shampoo, face wash, razors, etcetera. They get their hair cut regularly and colored. Nails are always done. But when it comes to me it's a big deal, I don't deserve any of that stuff. GET A JOB! I can't, first of all it's illegal, I'm not of age. Secondly, I suffer from severe acne. I don't go to a public high school because I would kill myself, I do it online. This is why I don't babysit or any of that crap, I can't be around people, it's too embarassing. I've been out of face wash and body wash and moisturizer and all that crap for about a month and a half because my mom won't buy it for me. I said won't, not can't. She has all that, my sister and step-dick too. I don't know what to do, I can't move out because of my acne... I can't do it anymore......

    If your situation is absolutely UNBEARABLE, you could consider calling child protective services. Of course, if that doesn't work out your parents will hate you more than ever before..... You say that your mother and sister have acne stuff? Take some of theirs. It's obvious that you family doesn't really care about you. If this is the case, you really need to get out there and socialize. I would start going to a public high school, where you can meet real friends. There are a lot of other people out there who have it rough, and you can team up with them and form your own little support network of friends. That's what I did with my friends. I was very anti social, my parents were always telling me that I was "weird", and criticizing me because I didn't do what all the other kids my age where doing. Their catch phrase for me was, "Do what they want you to do, it's good for you." I felt like they were trying to brainwash me (which they WERE, repeated exposure to a particular message can do that) and it made me sick. Anyways, I started hanging out with some other "weird" kids too, and we really bonded. I became much more outgoing, and a lot happier. It was scary at first, because I thought they would reject me (which reminds me of their OTHER phrase, "You'll see. She'll have to learn the hard way. She'll get rejected SO MANY TIMES that she'll just finally realize that she HAS to change."). Anyways, friends can really give you the love and support that you need. They won't care about your acne. Sure, if it really is as bad as you say, they may be a little put off at first, but once they get to know you (if you let them) you will become great friends! If you say that you have been ostracized in your town, you may want to consider transferring to a different high school so you don't have to deal with those same people. I know a girl who was considered a COMPLETE FREAK for YEARS, so she finally transferred to a different district. Last time I saw her was when I ran into her at the movies. She was with a group of FRIENDS! I would also advise getting a scholarship. Go to college very, very far away. And if your parents treat you like a second class citizen, I would hide my social security number. If they are in deep debt, and can't get a loan, they may go after your identity (otherwise known as identity theft). Be very wary, and don't trust them. You could also try forming an alliance with your sister. She may only side with your mother because she wants your mother to buy her things. Don't get a job. Get an education. Make a lot of money. Then, when you're rich, and your parents are in deep debt, and they come crawling to you to bail them out, you can say no.

    I feel like I just have to say, not all girls are sluts, and not all guys are angry dickheads like yourself. However, the ones that are often have good reason to be, like a messed-up childhood, like you. You're super pissed, but sounds like you have every right to be. I'm sorry for your situation. As far as your bad acne goes. Do you live in a city that you can find free healthcare? In major cities it's easier than it sounds, do some research. You might be able to go on your own and get some help, say you're a homeless youth or something (I know in the Northwest, free healthcare is easy to come by). Secondly, I'm not sure about there's much else you can do about your situation. Your at an age where the government isn't going to be that willing to step in. So you can either suck it up and get the f out as soon as possible. Or get out now. I'm not encouraging you to run away, but if your options are this shitty, you might do better on your own without all of the mental abuse. There's lot of resources in big cities for homeless youth. You seem smart enough to have the know how to get by. And if you're doing school online, you should be able to continue. Take control, you seem to know what's up, good luck.

    Despite your awful start to life, you are still a deserving person who needs to realize that YOU ARE WORTH MORE THEN WHAT YOU MAY THINK Bogart WHAT YOUR MOTHER HAS TOLD YOU! Have you tried contacting someone in your community? Like Big Sisters? Or contacting someone from the Boy/Girls Club. Either way there are people in your community that could help you realize your potential as a wonderful person even if your family doesn't realize that. So check into those organizations via email and get out of the house and find help. Help coming to you sounds like it won't come, so you have to be strong and pull your boot straps up and get out and find help yourself. Don't give up on yourself. As for your family they sound extremely horrible and hopefully karma will take care of them. Again, don't give up!!! Always remember that you are deserving of a better life and you girl will have to be the one to find it and get it. Reach out to people, don't be afraid of anything! YOU CAN DO IT! My mother told me once that in life the only one who will ever be able to care for you right is yourself. Make friends with yourself and then go find more. Don't be afraid! You can over come this suppression pressed upon you! Peace ~ cc

    First of all stop calling people bitches. You have just lowered yourself to the height of the curb you can't even jump over with your skateboard. Second of all, let me say this: you parents suck! They are legally obligated to provide you with the basic necessities. Get on your computer and report them to Social Services, or something like that. Maybe they will physically remove you from your situation, and that could help you. If they won't help you, get a lawyer that will work for nothing (pro-bono), and tell him/her you are thinking of divorcing yourself from your parents. You can actually get away from them if they give up their parental rights to you. Then maybe you could be eligible to be adopted by some nice family that would love you, not abuse you, and treat you like a real person should. You deserve better. (but you need to curb your nasty attitude to get people to help you - just a suggestion) and don't lie anymore!

    If you guys are really good friends, you should confess to her how you feel as being called the 'fat friend'. As you said, neither of you are skinny, which isn't a bad thing, but tell her to not put you down just to make herself look good. YOu need to clear out all mis-communication and make her understand what she's doing. if you don't let a person know how you feel, they will never know or realize what they are doing to you.

    Omg that is terrible i am sorry no one should be treated that way well there are 2 ways to go with this 1. is to go around the house and steal all of you family's stuff so u have it all and then they dont or if there is any way possible to contact ur dad i would give that a try he cant be worse then ur mom and step dad.

    U can get a job, u can be a host at some restaurants at 14, then u can afford to buy proactiv. but seriously no one cares if u have acne. its normal so mayb u can enroll in a public high school and make friends =)

    How about you go see a doctor and get a prescription for your acne. Or call CPS on your parents. They have to provide your with shampoo and body wash and that.

    You hold my heart first of all... you wipe your tears guess its **** enough for you to move on , dont think the peer group will attract you u ,uwere trying to find the type of new girl who's like ure personality and in hope maybe she can read it... did u think all this crap its going to stick with u forever and they or the world tell u what to do / say or even how to act and thought .u just gonna tell them did u guys think im going to be one of u you need to find some cool girls and ppack ure bag and runaway...... in this letter situation. i would like to meet u

    Hey kid...you might call me a ***** for answering...but thier many places you can go and get help, to get out of that situacion your in...try calling job corp...its a great place....as for you i really don't know why your so angry about....becuase your family left you out? see how big of a b.... i was when i was 12 years old i was mentally and physically abused and look at me know...i was left out in everything my brother used to call me wackoo....and so did my sister and my mother used to call me useless animal.....and i was just a kid...i lived this till i was 17 years old...but guess what? this useless wackoo had become the sopport of the family....every court case, every thing is the wackoo who they look for becuase this wackoo come out stronger from that dirty water....you seem like a great kid....talk to someone who can help you...call 211 or 311 tell them your problem of how your being abused....your a child still....just don't let them change you...and that language that you are using(not to be rude) it won't take you any where....try to better yourself....who said its not ok to be different.....im sure your probably trying to hang out with those dome kids who are just trying to be cool...find kids like you...who are willing to make a difference.....its ok to be mad....but its not ok to explode like your now...believe me things will get better...did you try on looking for you real father...im sure he loves you very much and im sure you miss him too...go out their and try to find your dad...

Help With Math please! (Precalc)?

  • Clare White
    Clare White
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  • Bonnie Bednar
    Bonnie Bednar
    Y = p e^(rt) and are sunday amount you the committee interest. s = $200,000,000 a quest corresponds to 20% t , representing one quarter day the same 1/(4*365) the fulfilment and either corresponds to $200,000,000e^(0.20*1/(4*365)) a yes the following : $200,027,399 ---->final a proportion anything that national interests been collected is $27,399.