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    Obama has: -Implemented billions in tax credits for business, from R&D to clean energy. -Obama has released the second half of TARP -Obama signed the small business bill giving them tax breaks and loans -Obama has extended the war effort (which is bad socially, but great for business) -Obama has made private health care mandatory (would you love to sell a product that every American had to own?) -Obama has put $160 billion into the private sector through the stimulus package Now we can argue the merit of these actions, but there is no denying Obama has been good to businesses. If you need proof just Google "2010 record profits" and look at the stock market.

    Wow, Chin T, as someone who has taken economics courses I think I have a better understanding than you do of economics. Regardless, my favourite part of your rant was when you talked about TARP being bad for small businesses and then skipped the point on the small business bill (which was of course good for small business). Talk about picking and choosing. Also, I love how you bring up things like cap & trade that haven't even gone to a vote, let alone are happening.

    -Implemented billions in tax credits for business, from R&D to clean energy Obama's cap and trade will raise all costs for manufacturing in the US and send what is left of our production, and jobs overseas. -Obama has released the second half of TARP Did you not notice that MOST of America was against Bush's TARP also? His second half of TARP, his stimulus, his QE2 should all be reigned in they are theft, wasteful and handing money to the largest biggest banks while making the value of the dollar go down. That is anti small business, and pro huge banks in control of government. -Obama has extended the war effort (which is bad socially, but great for business) Excuse me? I own a machine shop, what is happening with the war expense is only help Huge Corporations not the actual businesses that run this country. -Obama has made private health care mandatory (would you love to sell a product that every American had to own?) His WORST move which RAISED costs, and was unconstitutional and which he excused large corporations from in unconstitutional favoritism. Obviously if this move was good for business he would not have needed to waiver the mandate for 3M etc. -Obama has put $160 billion into the private sector through the stimulus package Lousy move, government devaluing the dollar while choosing winners and losers and increasing the debt. One of his worst moves for business Can I recommend an economics course for you? Look at the stock market.... LOL Look at the price of gold, and silver, better yet sugar and corn. Boy you really do need some lessons in real economics.

    He isn't bad for big business he just can't get Wall Street to invest Bowdon Main Street. No one is clearly stating any policies that are anti-business. And what track record of his is anti-business? Unions use to be 25% of the work force now that is down to only 7%. So how could only 7% have this huge impact on businesses? It's a false causative claim that the big businesses have paid for people to believe because they would love unions to be 0% of the work force. Obama will bend anyway to get jobs going. That is why the liberals call him the compromiser in chief.

    President Obama is extremely good for business. Since he has been President, for example, the stock market has risen about 30%. Inflation is practically non-existent overall. Long term, he has been pushing and pulling business into modern fields such as more energy efficient cars, new modern railroads, lots of assorted green energy generating projects. He has not raised taxes, although he is bound to once the economy recovers more he seems likely to be very careful and judicious. Of course, one of the anchors around American businesses' necks has been health insurance, if the reform goes through that will be a huge boost to business in the long run.

    Because they obviously don't have jobs. If these people had jobs anywhere other than the local Wal-mart, they would see that the supply side industry is rehiring after the layoffs following the economic fall. If they could read, they would have found that sales rose this past weekend from previous years by 16%. I'm sure it's all the people getting wealthy from welfare though! LOL

    And we've had to squeeze every bit of these common sense actions out of him. He's a lefty-liberal who has to be constantly monitored and kept out of trouble. Too much effort to keep him around another term.

    Because they are told what to believe, and they uncritically accept what they're given. Seriously, the people saying this are imbeciles of the first order. Don't bother asking them why they believe this, or anything else. They don't know.

    Because white business owners don't like having a Negroe oversee them

    Right-wing sheeple believe anything their right-wing media masters tell them to believe.

    Obama is a liar.

    People don't, Republicans just claim it.

What numbers fall into Excellent, Good, Fair, etc. Credit Scores?

  • Amari Osinski
    Amari Osinski
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  • Amy Marvin
    Amy Marvin
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  • Jermey Prosacco
    Jermey Prosacco
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  • Naomie O'Kon
    Naomie O'Kon
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    Merlin Carter
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  • Ebba Jakubowski
    Ebba Jakubowski
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  • Ava Altenwerth
    Ava Altenwerth
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  • Alfreda Stark
    Alfreda Stark
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