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    My bad credit has stopped me from getting loans a couple of times this year. But, the reason my credit is bad is because of unpaid bills that were in my name..... however, it is impossible that these bills were mine as I am only 18 and I have not done anything to damage my credit. Upon further investigation, it turns out some of these credit blemishes are from when i was 9 and 10 years old!! I asked my bank about it (as they were reluctantly denying me for a loan) and they said that i should be able to contact the credit bureau and have them investigate it, they will notice the dates and see that its impossible and that i was a victim of identity theft and they will fix it for me... However, I can never get ahold of anyone. I only get automated services... Is there a way for me to contact a real person in that department? And if so, how do you suggest I go about doing it..? Thanks for your input :(

    Check all 3 of your credit reports if you hadn't do so yet. Send your dispute by mail and include a copy of your drivers license to prove you are who you say you are and to prove your age. List each item and tell them that you were too young to have credit, that you are including a copy of your DL to prove your age and those items were either placed in error on your report or that you were a victim of identity theft and request that they remove those items.

    I'm in a similar situation . You can get your credit reports by mail or view em online for free once a yr . You can dispute anything negative that you find & the company reporting on your credit has 30 days to validate their claim Bowdon it has to be removed from your credit file . Seems like your situation will be easy for you to fixed .. Good luck !

How to prevent from getting sick ALL of the time?

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    Breana Bernhard
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    Curt Ferry
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    Ofelia Moen
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