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    I wonder if anyone can relate to this.I screwed my credit a while ago, but some of the debt has dropped off.The debt I have now, I am working to pay on.We both work and he is a student also, but about to graduate to become a mechanic.He wants to get a house now, I say we wait until we have more income, but we want a yard for our son and apparently people are renting to own with bad credit these days.I have an appt. with a realtor next week.What do you think our odds are?I have been at my job almost 5 years and we have good rental history.

    Here is the problem with rent to own. You can't buy now since your credit is bad. So you enter into an agreement by putting money down and paying extra in your rent to cover the down payment you will need when you are ready to settle in 1 or 2 years. And during this 1 -2 years you HOPE!!!!! that you can fix your credit AND get your score up in order to get a loan. But here is the problem. What happens if you can't fix your credit AND get your score up. Or what happens if interest rates increase (and they will!) or your income drops and you can't qualify. What happens, you lose the deposit AND all the other money you have paid. It's a great thing for sellers, they have nothing to lose if you can't get a loan. So I would never recommend rent to own. You should either buy the house with your husbands income Bowdon fix your credit and then buy. With rates so low now (and prices), I say use your husbands income and then BANK all of your income.


    Your father-in-law is NUTS. "Rent to own" is one of the biggest scams out there. And *I* am also a real estate broker. Why on earth would you want to 'rent to own' ? You are RENTING until you finally qualify for a conventional mortgage. What happens if the current owner loses the property to foreclosure ? You lose EVERYTHING you have 'invested'. No, there are NO guarantees that this might not occur. What happens is you cannot qualify for that needed conventional mortgage when the agreement 'ends' ? You face the SAME loss. Do NOT do a 'rent to own'. Rather, continue to rent conventionally UNTIL you've repaired your credit and have saved a sufficient down payment. If statistics mean anything to you, only about 20% of "rent to own' agreements end up with the 'buyer' gaining the property.

    Rent to Own deals should be against the law. Stay where you are until you can afford to buy something the conventional way. Buyers have no guarantees that the house will ever be theirs because they are at the mercy of the owners and have to trust that mortgage payments, taxes and insurance is being paid. 99% of these deals crash and burn. You need to wait, this is not the time for you to buy a house. In the meantime, take your son to his Grandma's and let him play in her yard.

    Rent-to-own and land contracts are complete scams. Don't fall for them. How are you ensured that your payments are actually being applied to the selling price? What keeps the owner from raising the price by the exact amount of your payments? Suppose housing prices fall, is the owner compelled to lower the price? Suppose housing prices rise, is the owner compelled to keep the price level? Suppose the owner goes bankrupt or defaults on his/her mortgage...what happens to your payments?

    Rent to own is terrible for buyers. So terrible they are making it illegal in some states. 98% of the time, you will not end up owning the home. Your FIL just got into real estate. So you shouldn't listen to him, b/c he doesn't know what he is talking about.

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