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    I live in Louisiana. I loaned my Dad my car after I stopped driving and he insured it in his own name (although the car is still in my name). A year later he tries to renew it and they say they can't because there's a flag on the car. There is a flag because I didn't turn in the plates when I dropped the insurance after I stopped driving, but this was long before he insured it the first time, so why did they insure it then but now refuse? Could it be expired registration or my own expired driver's license? I have never heard of an insurance company refusing to insure...

    Ah online insurance, all the convenience of the internet with none of the expertise that a real live insurance professional provides. A non-owners policy is the WRONG policy option for your dad's situation for so many reasons. Firstly a non-owners policy does not cover vehicles owned by family members or for vehicles that the insured has regular access to. A non-owners policy is meant for vehicles you would rent or have infrequent access to (you lent your vehicle to your dad!). Second a non-owners policy provides no collision or comprehensive coverage, so if your dad is involved in accident that is his fault the damage to your vehicle is not covered. Third the policy covers you dad as a driver, it does not cover a specific vehicle. Therefore if you dad were to be pulled over he would would be ticketed for driving a vehicle that is uninsured because he would not be able to produce a liability card stating that particular vehicle is insured (your dad waving his non-owners policy will not impress the cop whatsoever). This is also the reason why the vehicle is currently flagged, because the plates attached to the vehicle do not currently have valid insurance. Fourthly, you do realize that as the registered owner of the vehicle if your dad is involved in an accident you will be sued for any injuries/property damage that he causes and is at fault for? You also realize that your dad's non-owner's policy provides no coverage for you as the vehicle owner whatsoever? Therefore you could theoretically be in debt for the rest of your life paying off a judgment. At this point either sign over the registration of the vehicle to your dad or take out a PROPER policy with you as the policyholder and you dad as the principal driver.

    The insurance agent was wrong. A person that does not own a title to a car cannot get the car insured in his name, no matter what Bub posted. If you cannot afford insurance on your car or cannot drive it for any reason, transfer the title to your father because your registration has expired and he cannot get license plates in his name because he does not own it.

    Car insurance

    Your dad, can't insure a car that he doesn't own. He can't insure my car, Bowdon your car. They insured it then, because they didn't realize the car wasn't his. Now they know. Now you either have to sign the title over to dad, so he can register it and insure it, OR, you need to get the policy. You do NOT need to have a valid license, to insure this car. You can buy the policy, and EXCLUDE yourself as a driver, and just list dad as the driver.

    I didn't know any insurance would insure a vehicle in someone else's name? Maybe that is the flag?

    You need to reply to sure, because you have been in an twist of destiny. yet maximum could have a following question which will state, if in an twist of destiny, have been you at fault, and then your answer could be no. If there became room interior here question, positioned no, rear end twist of destiny and that asserts all of it. even nevertheless you had a no fault twist of destiny, some circumstances they might cost you a splash extra, only because you have been unlucky. I had a policyholder, that w/in a 6 month era had 3 rear end injuries that we could laff approximately, via fact it became like she had a banner at the back of her motor vehicle that stated "hit me". in case you're evaluating coverage and costs, then please get on the telephone and refer to an agent. With web pages, you're caught with specific questions and with an agent may well be useful you. sturdy success

    Here in California you can't insured a car unless it's under your name too. Why don't you put the car under your dad's name. Call the DMV in your state and see what they advise you. Also, go to a reputable insuance company.

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