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    My Mother in law is a real estate agent in southern CA, we are trying to buy a house and had bad luck with real estate agents so she recommended a friend of hers where we live. This new real estate agent referred me to the mortgage person he uses, and the mortgage people gave me to the "credit repair dept." (same company as the mortgage people) My husband went to an appt yesterday with the credit repair people and he was not only pressured to sign (he didn't) but to pay almost $1,700 BEFORE anything was done. I did some homework today and found out that this company broke a federal law and is most likely a scam. Now I got two questions: 1) Obviously I am not going to use this mortgage company but should I also change real estate agent? I know a lot of times a real estate agent gets a kick back if they refer to a mortgage company and I don't want a real estate agent that doesn't do his homework and refers me to a scam. What happens when I need an inspector and he refers me to another person who does shoddy work? Basically, should I trust him or not? 2) What about my mother in law who sang this guy praise?

    Do yourself a huge favor. STAY AWAY FROM MORTGAGE BROKERS. Go to a mortgage BANKER. There is a huge difference. Do some up front work with a solid BANK especially one who will not tell you they can cure bad credit....for a fee. Go with verifiable income, your real debt level, the necessary budget numbers, your available cash and get prequalified for an amount. Do not accept a variable rate no matter what they say. 30 fixed remains the best loan for the first time buyer and the payments do not change. BTW- as a group real estate agents are not looking out for a buyers interests. Generally, they are also not very good at their jobs. They will place buyers with anyone who can complete the deal no matter the consequence to collect their cut.. If you wish to find out how invested a realtor is in you as a buyer suggest that those fees for credit mitigation come from their commision.

    Report the scam. second - realtors should NEVER be the person you are getting mortgage advice from. Another user told you about going to a banker -that is absolutely correct. If you have a bank that you have a long term relationship with - go talk to them. They can either do the mortgage for you right there or they probably have a division of the bank that can. It sucks how buying and selling a house has changed into such a disaster. Mortgage Brokers, Realtors, Appraisers and Inspectors are totally at fault for the mess our country is in now. Good Luck. - I'm in Southern Oregon By the way...if your close to the border - look into property here - it hasn't ever been cheaper (no-im not a realtor).

    If that agent referred you to someone who is breaking federal law, then have nothing further to do with that agent.There are thousands of real estate agents in southern California that you can go through. I would also refer that mortgage person to your state's Attorney General's office if you know he is breaking the law

    The crisis is individuals keep to fall for it, and the scammers recognize that. All they need to do is make up a few sob tale approximately how the dogs are in South Africa and are not getting right concentration, the elements or every other bullshit excuse. They recognize they may be able to take hold of the center strings of morons or individuals who are not precisely the brightest bulb.. I do not see why or how any individual could through it. I have visible to many rip off reports, and as many reports I have visible, you'll feel individuals could trap on. Some are simply undeniable idiotic. I have visible reports wherein individuals have persisted to provide those individuals cash after which turn out to be being out hundreds and hundreds of bucks best to discover out later that there's no dog. Then they desire to get mad and throw a hissy have compatibility considering that the police cannot do some thing approximately it considering that those individuals nine instances out of 10 are out of the nation. So the case finally ends up being shelved, and they are out hundreds and hundreds of bucks. Had they simply contacted a professional breeder or rescue/safe haven, it could have in no way occurred, and so they could now not best have had an ACTUAL dog, they could've stored themselves the center agony. LOL @ the advert without cost sibe doggies.. FAIL. The man or woman who FALLS for the advert: EPIC FAIL.

    Glad your husband and you have descent radar and were not pressured. We bought and sold our house and now just bought a condo so we've dealt with realtors as well. A lot of these people are shady. Our condo was close to $700k so we used a very reputable realtor but even he was shady - very surprising. I would drop the realtor because you can't trust him/her. But whoever you get in their place, don't trust them either. They always have the tag line of somethign like "I represent you" and they say it often. But, they don't. They represent themselves and are looking to maximize their revenue. So they will do what's in your best interest if it is in their best interest. Our agent actuall offered us money (over $1k) to drop the mortgage finance company we chose, nd go with his mortgage guy. That was weird and we called him on it so he backed off. Our realtor was Braselton throughout but that is because we did not shy away from confronting him and calling him on things so he knew not to mess with us I guess. But he certainly tried. That said, I think realtors can be trusted a bit more than mortgage financing people. The realtor at least have standards they are supposed to work by and the standards indicate that they represent you )it's crap but at least the language is there and they can potentially lose their license). THe mortgage people are nobody to you - you are their client. So they want to screw you as bad as they can so they make the most $ by selling your mortgage when it is signed. The higher the interest rate and terms, the more they can sell the mortgage for. Now, I'm not certain about that but it seemed that way for us. Our realtor was actually trying to convince us to go with his guy even though the terms were worse than our guy. So you tell me, who's interest was he working towards? He should have advised us to at least go with whomever gave us the best terms. We were strong headed enough to not listen to him for that. In other respects, his advice was Braselton though. It's sometiems difficult to say these types of things and sever relationships. My wife and I spoke almost every night about what we thought was going on and how to handle the situation. We made our decisions in private and then figured out how to carry them out. We did not consider how uncomfortable it would be to tell people our thoughts and how to state our thoughts because that would cloud our decisions. We first decided what we wanted to do and then talked about how to do it. In your case, I would drop the realtor and I would probably tell him why but not blame him for it - they are always worried about dissatisfied clients. I would probabyl just tell him why and then tell him that you simply need a change and a fresh start. I would also tell your mother in law what happened. SHe can like whomever she wants, but so can you. And the real estate busines is very much based on referrals so this is information realtors will want to know. Best of luck. Glad you didn't get ripped off.

    The real estate agency will know it was a scam your mother in law should have known find other people

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