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    The question is not dumb. In some areas there are more houses for sale than there are people to buy them. Many people can't get loans, because they don't have a good financial history, have too much credit card debt, or bad credit. Many people want to buy big houses, when they should be looking for a small house. Many developers are only building big mansion-like houses, because they can sell them for a lot more money, and people see them and think that's what I want! If you go to older areas of many cities, you will see that most of the homes are a lot smaller than the ones they are building today. I grew up in small homes, and my family did just fine. Now I see couples with one or two kids in huge homes with 5 bedrooms and 3 baths and a 3-car garage. All their money is tied up in their lifestyle, and they are in debt up to their ears, and are a week away from total financial disaster. That brings us to all these bad loans that were made. Not only are people losing their homes because they can't pay the mortgages, they can't buy another home, because their credit is destroyed, and banks are now tightening up on the loans they make.

    Usually Mom would sell one house every 15 days. She would get paid after waiting 30 days for the buyers to pay the money and move in. Today, she is selling one house every 45 days. And the buyers are nervous about paying the money. They want to wait until they understand the same things you are wondering about. It's a good thing that Mom put some money in her savings account to get her thru the bad times. Every real estate company owner is living on savings right now..

    Here is the short answer: Supply, demand and greed. There are a ton of listings, meaning a bunch of homes on the market. Too much supply, Buyers are scarce because it is hard to get people in a position to buy a house. Not enough demand. The market is going down because of all the foreclosures flooding the market, trouble getting buyers qualified for a loan (not so good credit), and buyers taking their time to look at all the homes available. Greed on the part of lenders to get people into loans they couldn't afford, greed on the part of buyers to purchase homes way out of their price range, greed on the part of Realtors to sell homes, greed on the part of builders/developers to get new houses built. Supply and demand drive prices. When supply is high and demand is low, prices go down. Sales are sluggish. Not a dumb question at all, and GL to your mom!

    Have your mom buy cheap property, fix it up and get it leased out. Braselton some cases, she can get prop for 1/2 of the cost to rebuild. DO NOT let her become PASSIVE--waiting for biz. be assertive and find buyers who need representation on bottom end units.---esp find apt dwellers who would like to buy on lease purchase or otherwise. I can guide her.

How to get from redondo to irvine?

  • Dock Schulist
    Dock Schulist
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