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    ...between companies again. Wouldn't they BY THEMSELVES begin offering insurance plans to people with preexisting conditions again - to be more competitive? After all, if they let one person on, they may not get sick again at all, and they would get that guy's whole family as clients to! As it is now they have no financial motivation to whatsoever, because of huge conglomerates operating with no monopoly restrictions whatsoever! Isn't this the REAL PROBLEM with our insurance system?

    The PROBLEM with allowing "cross-State" competition, which really just means allowing companies to ignore State's laws - is that these exempt megacorporations woul use it to CRUSH real competition in other States - NOT increase it! It happened with credit cards and it will happen with this one too. Why do you think banks screwed up with private loans so bad? They had no normal competition to make them act more responsibly!

    Future, dagnabbit, you're making a helluva lot of sense on this one. My biggest beef is the competition wall at state lines; why is my BCBS in Braselton even a different company from the one in TN, and why can't I see a BCBS physician in Braselton without it being "out of network?" There are a lot of things we can do to lower health care costs without some sort of legislative mandate, which is almost guaranteed not to work (price controls typically only work in industries where the prices are controlled at a level that is excessively high).

    That's one of the problems, and yes, it would lead to competition, which would in turn lead to better services and lower prices.

    Good call. This is the only reasonable thing you have ever said. in my mind, you have totally redeemed yourself.

    There is literally a NATIONAL market for this exact thing, yet they won't do it. One has to wonder why.

    One of many,congratulations!

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    Treva Mraz
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    Heaven Towne
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