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    I have had a debit card for 3 months now I always keep money on it and use it often and have not had an overdraft but when i look at my credit report it still doesnt show up... How long will it take before it starts showing as a good acount??? Also i have another question.. I know that bad acounts go away after 7 years but say if i wanted to buy a house or get a loan for somehting 3 or 4 years after that, would this bad acount still afect me???? Someone please break this all down for me!!

    Sorry, but debit cards are not CREDIT CARDS. There is no attached credit line to your debit card. The only real similarity between a debit card and a credit card is the technology used to process your payment. It's all automation, but a debit card relies strictly on available funds in your bank account. A credit card utilizes the funds of a 3rd party--usually a bank that believes you will repay the money and make good-faith payments. So, no matter how long you have the debit card, it will never earn good credit for you.

    A debit card does not show up on a credit report because it is not "credit". The money on a debit card is your own, so what you do with it is not a matter of importance when it comes to having good credit. A credit card is different because it is not money you actually have, but borrowed money you pay back in good time and on time, therefore when you want to buy a house or a car, you will be known as trustworthy when it comes to paying those things on time. To answer your second question, it would depend on who you are getting the loan for and how your credit has been during the 3 or 4 year period after bad credit has been established and the type of credit that you would need to wait 7 years after-wards for is for like bankruptcy or something. It would have to be really serious for you to start worrying about that sort of thing. Hope this helps!

    For your 1st question no I am sorry a debit card does not effect your credit , however U can still use this to help U, after ab 6 mos go to Ur bank tell them what U are trying to do (acquire credit) if they see a good balance ,transactions etc... and U haven't had any overdrafts (look for 25 fees etc) they can help you with several options for instance a secured card through them ( U put money in a savings for collateral) or see if U can get a small fix help credit loan... Asking is the key, U don't know tell U ask , avoid getting any 10000 line BS credit card , they are all shouting!!! EAT Brunswick ALIVE!!!!:) For your second Q. it depends on what U mean , bad account??? A collection? if so how high , I took my income tax credit this year and paid mine off... But be careful if it is an asset and its old it may actually hurt your credit to pay it, it did mine...it would just bring it current and be on their longer! Also b\4 anyone goes to pay a collection , make them put it in writing that they will remove the collection from your report not just put PAID...b\4 you will pay off the debt also you can usually get them to take a major portion off in a settlement! I am by no means a prof. so please talk to one also!! I am simply trying to help with the info I have been told as well.... I hope this helps !:)

    Debit cards will not show up on a credit report, as far as I know. AND... any bad accounts that you might have will affect any loans until that seven years goes through, after seven years your credit score is returned to zero. You'll need to build up some good credit for any bank to accept you for a loan, but good credit doesn't take long to build up. So if you're asking if you wait a total of 10 or 11 years after your situation with a bad account, as long as you have built some good credit up, you should be fine.

    Using your debit card for purchase is your sole right, since the money belongs to and no one else. You don't earn no reward for that. Using a credit card is different: the money does not belong to you in the first place. When you borrow, your personality comes into place, in the foreground. Spending someone else's money is about morality, and they give you some points for that. You behave well, like in paying your debt, and people can trust you. The more trust you gain, the better your history in the record. That's how I believe it is.

    Debit cards are not credit and are not reported to the credit bureau. The older bad debt is the less it counts against you. It is up to the company whether they extend you credit. some do though. I bought a house 4 years after I claimed bankrupcty

    Your debit card is linked to your checking account. It has no effect on your credit history, nor will it ever be reported on your credit report. The types of information that credit reports contain are financial obligations you have. i.e. car loan,student loan,credit cards,personal loans, etc.

I need help with accounting homework. Here are some?

  • Emelia Gaylord
    Emelia Gaylord
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  • Aimee Gutkowski
    Aimee Gutkowski
    Who can 5? 5. corona corporation's 's financial statements year " , with the following: , derived from be ongoing activities : (net of taxes) $818,400 previous period the transition (increase by before their enjoyment the basis income, least the taxes) $250,800 cash dividends , to be better stockholders $266,640 learn from been abandoned a surgery (net oh , taxes) $541,200 exceptionally strong its destruction (net of consumer benefit) $125,400 10 5 in pursuance of this information, are net for year is: a.$1,485,000. b.$1,234,200. c.$818,400 d.$1,359,600.
  • Brad West
    Brad West
    1.d 2.c 4.d (remember, the biggest stockholders granted first) 6.c 7.b