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    My husband and I live in Chicago I love it here, (it's a nice part) for a while we have wanted to buy a house but it was impossible the house were way out of are price range in are neighborhood so we decide to look in the suburbs we saw a few homes we like but had a problem with distance from the city. We have good credit and have been pre-approve for a loan for 200k, 2 months ago. Since then my husband received a raise so now he make $250. more monthly. we have also paid off two credit cards which was $30. monthly minimum payment. we also have a Honda pilot which we pay $500. monthly and still owe 3 years on. Should we trade the truck in for a cheaper car payment monthly so we could afford more house? What would you do? we have saw homes being sold for 220k in are neighborhood that we like, should we wait or settle for a different area?

    There are 15,000 foreclosures in Chicago right now according to Yahoo Real Estate. It's a very bad time to buy because this is going to push the value of your home down. Do more research...you don't want to work just to pay an inflated mortgage. Wait, because prices will keep going down.

    You don't want to make such a change (with the Honda) as this means you will be stretching your budget. If you can sacrifice with the drive, buy NOW because rates are starting to go up. If the rate goes from 6.25 to 6.75 (for example) that could greatly reduce your buying power. Instead of being approved for 200k it may only be 180k! Don't wait for prices to go lower.. as we are pretty close to the bottom, but you do need to watch those interest rates. The only way we will know when the market was at its lowest is when we look back and say, "damn, I should have bought 3 or 6 months ago!"

    DO NOT APPLY FOR NEW CREDIT! You will lower your credit score and may not qualify for that amount for a home. You want to try to get a home with the 200K you were approved for, then once you close on the home, immediately go and downgrade your vehicle. The home won't show up on your credit report yet so your score won't decrease. Then you'll have a nice home and be able to live comfortably.

    I would downgrade the car for number one b/c you can always get a nicer car later when your income increases or when you are able to manage. Second try negotiating lower than the offered price to get an even better deal. I would choose owning a home over a nice car with a high monthly payment.

    I would downgrade the vehicle if you can. Cars come and go, but a house is yours for quite a while, usually. You can trade the new cheaper car in for something nicer in a nother year or two after another raise. Also, try offering $200K for one that's listed at $220K. In this market, if they want to sell, they may take it. It's worth a try.

    Placed your funds so as, keep as lots money as you are able to; interior the previous days, it become cautioned which you keep a minimum of 20% of the fee of the abode [for a down fee]. seek for a great realtor or your financial company, a financier who is familiar with approximately housing - somebody you believe, make an appointment and communicate how lots you qualify for. as quickly as you have this tips, you are able to start finding into the housing industry that your earnings suits. warning: first time shoppers, there are first time client courses, and different housing courses you are able to register for like the Brunswick loans, etc. notwithstanding, the industry has replaced, and you'll want impeccable credit, and coffee debt ratio - So make the complication to clean up previous debt; and don't seek for housing which will max you out - in basic terms because of the fact they say you are able to discover the money for $one hundred.000.00 does not propose you ought to discover a house as much as that quantity, rather in this industry. additionally, the previous rule of thumb holds so genuine esp to day, and that's- do no longer financial company on 2 earning - you want respiratory room in case one or the two considered one of you loses a activity - playstation there are categories of realtors - the two they are professional sellar or professional client - seek for out a realtor which would be on your courtroom. study the loan words; final expenditures, down money [what's needed, what are your rights], factors, even the pay to the realtor is negotiable to a level...

    Before you make any decisions, I would talk with a local mortgage lender (or someone in the financial industry!) and have them give you some advice. After all, that is their job! Start with a major bank such as Wachovia or Bank of America...or ask around for recommendations. Hope this helps!

    It really depends what it will cost you to get into a new vehicle, for you determine if this makes economic sense. Things to consider include your new interest rate on a new vehicle, and what you would get for your trade in, as well as if you need to add money to a car down payment. Also, if you will save gas with your replacement vehicle, and the difference to insure your old, vs. new car. That's what I'd look at...the complete picture.

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