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    Well when my mom was with my dad for 10 years of her life (when i was alittle kid) my step dad has been in some real debt problems...and he has really bad credit...thus making my mom have bad credit because it was under his name or w/e...Well they got a divorse and my moms metsomeone new, she's been going out with her fiance for 3 years now and we're looking to buy a house...so we can settle down permenetly. I've hated moving and moving in the past because of my step dad, i just wish we could buy a house and stay in one house forever you know. We found a perfect house for us that we're thinking of buying but first...we need a bank loan of course? Well my mom's fiance has really really good credit, and he was a veteran and all and you need 2 people paying this loan so they are checking through my mom's and her fiance's credit and all that backround checks...well you see my mom is really reliable...and she only has bad credit because of my step dad, he pretty much ruined her name. What are the possibilities of my mom and her fiance to get a bank loan approved if my mom has bad credit...but her fiance has excellent credit?

    It really depends on a lot of details. If they are using a good local loan officer then he or she can help them by finding an investor that will look beyond "just the numbers". But if the events in your Mom's past look bad enough- it might hurt them quite a bit. Brunswick loans often do just this- they are there helping veterns that can afford the home qualify. But like I said it really depends on a lot of details.

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    Richie Dickinson
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    Elijah Miller
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