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    I was a loan processor up until March with a mortgage company here in MI. Due to the strict guidelines that you are talking about, I lost my job. We just were not getting the people to qualify. According to what I have read, nothing is going to start getting better until around 2010. And that is just starting. I feel for all these Mortgage companies. Alot of have decided not to even be licensed in Buford or have moved out of MI. I have seen so many go down the tubes. My own included in June. And because of the stricter guidelines, people due to lose their homes cant even refinance to get them through this time. As a landlord, I am having to take people with bad credit just to keep my places rented. And I am still having a hard time renting to anyone as everybody is afraid to move because of the times here. Trying to sell investment property right now is almost impossible unless you go $50-60K less than what they are worth.

    Clinton isn't accountable for the foreclosures main issue. There are billions of bucks valued at of ARM loans that experience both got here due or will probably be coming due within the coming months so that it will elevate the repayments of those home owners to quantities they can't have the funds for. Buffet purchased Clayton Homes. Generally, talking such a lot ARM techniques don't duvet mobilephone properties except it used to be a FHA or Buford ARM. The loans with Vanderbilt loan and firms of this variety are for mobilephone house purchasers. As some distance as creditors being frightened of paying off Vanderbilt that's no longer actual. I am a loan lender and it does no longer topic who we payoff so long as the consumer qualifies. Governmental techniques like FHA will refi a mobilephone house however it needs to be a doublewide on everlasting basis that could be a concern for Vanderbilt purchasers that experience purchased singlewides or properties that would not have the basis standards those have regularly been almost unimaginable to finance. Looks such as you feel such a lot every body is WRONG. If you may have labored within the mtg industry for yrs then why ask the query? To slam individuals that would not have the identical view factor as yours?? Do you actually feel that there are extra synthetic properties within the US than "stick constructed" properties? Wrong. Use ordinary experience. By the way in which I were within the enterprise for yrs as good.

    Hi, yes here in California it is awful. What we have right now is a real estate depression really. What happened was the r.e. market was going up up up and so people bought and used adjustable financing, many of them. Then the market went down down down but the borrowers payments still went up up up. So you have values going down and payments going up. In my opinion, I am an agent by the way, the entire real estate system is flawed big time. Here is just one example of how flawed it is: When a buyer goes to buy a house the bank sends an appraiser out there. Why do they you ask? Well everybody knows the bank does this to protect their investment, to see if the property is "WORTH IT". Well guess what everybody...all those appraisals were useless werent they? In fact all it meant was the properties were with that value that very second...that moment fixed in time. That's just one flaw in the entire financing system of real estate. I can't resist sharing one more flaw. A borrower wants to buy a house but their fico score is a bit low but they are very close to qualifiying...so the lender tells them to pay off or pay down some credit cards so it makes their fico score higher. There is nothing dishonest about that one bit but this is where the flaw comes in. Now..the deal closes, borrower moves into their new home and guess what guys..?? They have all this credit on their credit cards now and wouldn't new carpet look great in this house? Wouldn't new granite counter tops look fabulous!!?? So they go and charge up their cards and now they are more in debt now and they are in the house. Before if they had that debt they wouldn't qualify but now they own it. To me, and I have been doing real estate since I was 18, I am 40+ now, but to me there are 3 things that have to change. #1 They need better government financing. FHA is not cutting it anymore #2 They need to totally revamp the dumb credit reporting agencies and their flawed way of tracking credit and ranking credit. It's just stupid if you ask me. #3 They need to come up with a way where the buyer gets a certificate saying they are 100% qualified to buy a house in such in such price range, I mean a REAL qualification not the fake pre-qual letters that any lender will give to anybody any day any way. That would help alot. Exasperated in California Real eState Agent

    Cali-Gal: I personally got affect by it. My mortgages keep going up. My tennants rent does not even cover 1/2 the rentals mortgage and to make matters worse, banks call us everyday. Telling us that they will help reduce the amount that our negative mortgage gets added each month. Then a couple month later we are paying higher payments. and they even charge us $250.00 to screw us up. Things aren't looking good. In fact, I am considering a legal way to unload my rentals. Since I don't think we can hang on to them much longer, and yeah we have no equity on them. :<( Ah... the other guy mention that Bush is doing something about it. Goshhhh we are screwed for sure. God have mercy on us. Cesar

    I am affected, but not negatively. I am buying up bargains as quickly as possible! This is a fantastic opportunity for California (where I am buying) residents to make a lot of long term money!

    Yes, I'm hearing that there should be an expected turn around within the next 12-18 months. Also, bush is gettinginvolved to try to turn the market around.

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