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    I have 19000 on a car loan at 7%, I got a life-of-the-loan Balance transfer offer from my CC at 3.99%. Simple solution: Pay off the autoloan and see the benefits of 3.01% savings over the loan term. Here is where the plot thickens, My total credit line: all cards combined is 36K, so if I where to pay the auto loan off with the CC BT thats 19K of debt , meaning my debt to credit line ratio will be 50% or more , Isnt that bad? So does it make sense to pay the auto loan off, or is it smarter to take the hit at 7% ( I can afford the 1.8K extra over 5 years)but keep 36K credit line open? I have been told, auto loans (and home loans) are said to be better debt than credit card debt. Also having been approved for the 19K of autoloan, does that theoretically make my credit line at 36K+19K so the real debt ratio at this point is 19/ (36+19) or just 34%. I do plan to buy a house in a year so keeping the FICO high is a priority. What do you suggest?

    Good points, I had forgotten about the possibility of a default or late payment jacking up rates upto 39%. The 3% fee is not bad in itself because the higher limit is $75.00 so you are still saving $$. Thank you guys for helping me come closer to a decision. I wish I could give the thumbs up but I am not a level 2 so I guess I can't rate you Cheerz!

    Check to see if your credit card check has an up front fee when you use it. The card that sent me checks today had that same 3.99% offer, BUT, there was a 3% up front fee which means you would save very little. Also, the way interest is paid back to a card pays off the lowest items first - so, say you already have anything on that card at say 15%, that balance is going to set there at 15% the whole time you are paying off that car. Also, as another poster noted with universal default, there is fine print in some cardholder's agreements that says if you are late on another credit card, not even the one you have the car on - they can jack up the interest rate. Not to mention the default interest rate kicking in if you have a payment late. Although I can't confirm exactly how credit bureaus calculate score, it would make sense that they would see you have less risk with the collateralized loan rather than the unsecured credit card with a high balance and award points accordingly.

    Pay off the debt! Save up your money and make a huge down payment on your home. The only people who say that you need a high credit score to get a home mortgage is the credit (debt) industry. Banks, car dealers, and everyone else in the credit business wants you to STAY Buford DEBT so that they can get rich off of your interest payments. The FICO score is a scam and anyone who tells you differently is trying to sell you something (ie: more debt). Look for lenders who do manual underwriting. Rather than just looking a stupid numer (FICO), these companies do an in-depth study of your financial situation to determine your ability to pay back a mortgage. Try

    It may hurt your credit score, but it is a good idea financially. I have done it. I think I would call the credit card company and see if they will give a credit line increase. You must make sure you don't charge up to your limit though--the idea is to save money with the lower interest rate.

    The balance transfer is suicide . credit slave cards have 'universal default clauses' equal to 39% compound annual. the car loan is fixed at ?%. the banks can and do raise the rate at THIER choice and their reasons. BAD IDEA. u need to visit daveramsey.com to learn the very hard lessons coming ur way , from others mistakes. a car loan is a losing value loan. car do not appreciate. house can be bought with out 'i love debt slavery' fico scores . it is the law.

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