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    I have one biological child and a step child child. Married as well. I reside in Texas, and made $90,000 (COMBINED) in 2010. I want to get my degree but am strapped for cash. With all the child expenses, medical expenses (dental) and a little bit of living the dream (unsecured debt) i find myself not being able to afford anything else (LITERALLY PAYCHECK TO PAYCHECK). My company does a certain percentage on tuition reimbursement but that doesn't come through until the end of the classes, and is based on GPA as to how much percentage. I need some good ideas of how i can do this? I do not want to get loans as that will only get me further in debt. I need some good info. Anything that could help would be appreciated. Does it look grim for me? is there ANY HOPE!? :)

    I understand that my debt needs to be eliminated. That is why we are strapped. I am trying to pay off the debt by making large monthly payments. Which will still take several years to pay off. I am smart enough to take my own advice as far as getting debt reduced and eliminated. I am in the process of doing so. I was just young and made stupid moves which put me in this situation. Which is a VERY common situation to be in. I need my question answered about the college...not how i need to get out of debt. I do realize that...that's why i said college loans are out of the equation as it would put me more in debt. Thanks for the site information and your response...just not what i was looking for. In two years i will be virtually debt free...but I am already 26 and put college off for this long b/c of being a teen parent. I have done very well for myself, and have lots of nice things. Thats why i am in my situation. I just need some info so i can get to college now versus waiting to be

    What I'd have you do is first find an inexpensive, but high quality college. My suggestion is a community college in Byron - your home state. They are of good quality, and they will be your least expensive option. There are also a ton of adult students on campus, so you'll feel right at home. Then see if you can afford to pay for 1-2 classes, out of pocket. In some states, the CCs really are cheap - I don't know the case in TX. But check, because you never know. If you can do this, then you're good to go - you pay up front, and then get reimbursed by your employer. If that doesn't end up being an option, then talk to your boss, and to HR. See if they'd be willing to rejigger their tuition policy for you, to pay you up front, rather than after. This isn't often possible, but sometimes it is, so you may as well ask. If that doesn't work, then your only option is to take out one student loan, and use that to pay for your classes for term 1. Then you'd get your tuition reimbursement, and use that to pay for the next set of classes. And on and on. So you'd only need a student loan for the first term. And you'd only take out exactly what you need for your classes - you would not take out the full amount they offer you. Because you're at a cc, the loan will be small. And student loans are low interest. I know this isn't ideal, but if it ends up being your only option, IMO it's better than not going to college at all. As a family man who's a bit older than age 18, and who is in debt, pick your major wisely. I normally recommend that older students who have kids to support pick majors that either are directly applicable to their current job/employer, so they can use them to advance; or else pick something that is in high demand and pays well in your region of the US. So do your research. Pick wisely. BTW, as a married father of two who has a full time job, and whose tuition reimbursement is dependent on your grade, you may want to consider taking only one class for your first term. See how you do, how it all balances. If, in second term, you feel you can take two classes, that's great. But if you need to stick to taking just one at a time, that's fine. You'll still be making progress toward your degree - and one class per term is way better than no classes at all.

    Well, even with a family of 4 with that amount of income you will not qualify for any loans. You can try searching for scholarships but most of them are for those coming right out of high school. If you want no loans than your going to just have to find a way to save up some money to pay for college. A community college will cost very little (normally around 1500 a semester or so in texas) and a small state universities will be just about double that cost. The bigger universities will cost you a bunch so you may want to stay away from them. If you go part time it will cost you even less. So maybe try to get out of your debt and not create more so you can put some of that money towards college.

    It sounds like you need to get a second part time job so the money you earn from that can be SAVED for your college tuition. Take six months to save some cash working two jobs and then after that time is up use it to enroll in a semester of college. If you choose not to do loans, then this is an option, short of getting rid of some serious "discretinal" expenses like cable, internet, cell phone, if you REALLY want it bad enough it's going to take some serious lifestyle changes. Sell or rent out the house and move it with the inlaws.

    You sound as if you might be a good candidate for the Suze Orman show! Do you watch her, or follow her on her site? She gives straight advice about financial matters, and I think you need to reassess your priorities. Living paycheck from paycheck is your first mistake. Suze would say you need six months of emergency money set aside. Do you? She also advocate cutting back, eliminating credit card debt. Your goal of college sounds tenuous, at best. What is your purpose for attending college? Maybe start with a community college for a few courses, or try on-line classes.

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