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    Dave, Would you be willing to withdraw or borrow $16,250 from your retirement account to eliminate your $35,000 in credit card debt in the next few months? That's a 115% return on your investment. I'm guessing that's at least slightly better than the return you will likely earn in your retirement account. If so, then you might want to look into debt resolution. Debt resolution is a program designed to help people who have unmanageable amounts of unsecured debt reduce the amount they owe by 55%. It's important to understand that THIS IS NOT DEBT SETTLEMENT, where a private company has you stop making payments to your creditors, collects funds into an account set aside to settle the debt (and collect their hefty fees), and then attempts to extort a big settlement out of your creditor several months or years down the road when your account is severely delinquent. You've probably seen ads or websites from companies who claim they'll reduce your credit card debt by 30-70% (or something similar). You've also probably also heard horror stories about people who lost thousands of dollars to scammers promising debt settlement who just took their money, and did nothing to settle the accounts. DEBT RESOLUTION is an attorney-managed program where good faith debt laws are used to reduce the total amount of the debt and also protect the borrower during the process. With Debt Resolution, you are actually signing an agreement with a reputable law firm (not a private company) to represent you in working with the creditors. There are some absolutely critical differences between debt settlement and debt resolution that you should understand. Here are some bullet points highlighting the debt resolution advantages: - GUARANTEED 55% REDUCTION Byron BALANCE OWED - try asking a debt settlement company for a guarantee. - Attorney-managed negotiated resolution means NO TAX CONSEQUENCES (a settled account will result in the creditor issuing a 1099 to the borrower, and an additional tax liability) - STOPS COLLECTION CALLS - attorney-managed process leverages good faith debt laws to protect the borrower from harassing calls and letters (debt settlement companies can't do this). Of course, in your case, you could decide to pay the entire 45% ($15,750) up front, and as long as you continued the minimum monthly payments during the negotiation process, there would be no collection or late payment calls to worry about. - LOW & TRANSPARENT FEE STRUCTURE - There is a $500 1-time enrollment fee to establish paperwork, the trust account and compensate the attorney for his efforts to cease collection calls, etc.. ALL OTHER FEES ARE INCLUDED Byron THE 45% DEBT RESOLUTION AMOUNT. So, you may want to consider whether the peace of mind and 115% return on investment that would come with borrowing or withdrawing $16,250 ($15,750 is 45% of $35,000 owed + $500 enrollment fee) from your retirement account to resolve $35,000 in credit card debt may be worth it for you. And if you like the idea of resolving your debt for 45% of the balance owed, but still don't want to take the funds from your retirement account, you can still participate in the program. You can set your own schedule for any length of time, up to 45 months. And there is no additional interest or fees charged for this. In fact, this is how most people participate because they don't have access to 45% of their total debt amount in cash. If you'd like more information about Debt Resolution, visit

    Most would tell you that pulling that much money out of retirement is a bad idea because of the potential gains you'd lose even as you were paying back your 401(k) loan - assuming you were talking about borrowing it from the plan. I don't necessarily disagree with that, but, if the debt payments are crushing you, and the stress is reducing your quality of life, I won't tell you that using your retirement is the worst thing you could do. That's why I don't think that a purely financial analysis of the option paints the whole picture. You are going to have a hard time finding an unsecured consumer loan for that amount of money. Two years ago, assuming you have a good credit history, you could probably have split up the debt onto other cards at lower introductory rates and switched them when they adjusted to a higher rate. This option is not as easy to come by today because of the banks' recent troubles. I'm sorry that this answer is not definitive. This situation requires a careful analysis of how comfortable you are with carrying that debt (at any interest rate) versus raiding your retirement. There are two things I will say definitively - and I hate saying them because I'm sure you've heard them. The first is to STOP financing any purchases with debt, and the second is to pay MORE than the minimum payment each month - as much as you can, in fact. Update: If your question was serious, I highly doubt any of the so-called lenders posting to this site are safe places to do business.

    If your retirement account is a employer sponsored 401K you might be able to get a loan against your 401K. This could actually be very beneficial. First off you get to completely pay off the credit card debt and will save the monthly interest charges (at 35K that must be huge....) At the same time your contributions towards your 401K will increase because you are making your regular 401K contributions and you are paying back the loan and that money goes back into your 401K. Since this new money has the chance right now to pick up stock at a cheap rate you will actually give your 401K a double boost. Make sure that your job is safe... because if you quit or lose the job the loan comes due immediately.

    You don't get a loan to pay off a loan. You are still going to owe money! Instead, take the lowest balance credit card and put as much money towards that as you can each month until it is paid off. Make minimum payments on the other accounts. If you are 35k in debt on credit cards, it is highly unlikely you are going to get a personal loan to pay them off or consolidate them, unless you have some collateral.

    AFFORDABLE CHEAP LOAN....... AFFORDABLE CHEAP LOAN....... AFFORDABLE CHEAP LOAN I am Mr Lam Lee the C.E.O of Lam Loan Firm. A certified, reputable, legitimate & an accredited private lender. I loan money out to individuals in need of financial assistance. Do you have a bad credit or you are in need of money to pay bills? I want to use this medium to inform you that i render reliable beneficiary assistance as I'll be glad to offer you a loan. Services Rendered include: *Refinance *Home Improvement *Inventor Loans *Auto Loans *Debt Consolidation *Line of Credit *Second Mortgage *Business Loans *Personal Loans *International Loans Please write back If Interested. Upon your response you'll be provided the loan application to fill. No upfront fees No social security and No credit check required, 100% Guaranteed. I Look forward permitting me be of beneficiary service to you. I shall await your response at your earliest convenience. Sincerely, Mr Lam Lee (C.E.O) contact me on my Email: lamloanfirm@yahoo.com.sg lamloanfirmintl@live.com

    If you don't have a home,i would suggest putting the money into a cd and borrow against it.most banks charge around 5% for this-interest for cd.this would be the best way to do it.it keeps your money in an account and your building credit.if its in a 401k account,see if you can borrow against it.you would usually get charged a flat rate for this.good luck!

    You got to pay in slowly and in a very discipline way and not withdrawing any more, you can do it, taking loan to cover this will be worse, i have bankrupt before and i know it. $35000 is not very huge, what we spent we got to pay , no short cut, friend

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    Roselyn Zulauf
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    Teagan Boyle
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    Lesly Grady
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