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    Hi there, i want so bad to go back to school, i ama 24 year old student and i do have a good amount of years and classes to go before i can get my bachelor's i'm guessing 2 or 3 years. Well I want to go back to school since due to life;s many surprises i find myself in so much debt, about 20,000. I want to pay it off asap and i heard financial aid will help me pay off those bills, PLUS my rent and cost of attendance at my university. Is all that true? I figured if i go back to school and not have to pay off my loans til after i graduate it would be no problem because hopefully i'd have a decent paying job by then, so that can't be that bad right? Byron should i get a scholarship, I really don't have any special assets or skills...i don't have family contact for the last few years so I can't ask for any help.. thank u so much for your time

    If you have no idea what you want to do, continue what you're doing for a living. Go to your local community college and talk to the advisor about taking a test or even a class to help determine what would be your best career path. Of course this test would not give you a 100% probability that this is the best fit for you but it does help. As far as your loans are concerned, think about it this way. Don't worry about your student loans at the moment, if you have debt that is not attached to collateral like credit cards and other unsecured loans of money investigate whether you can pay it off within 5 years at 25% of your weekly paycheck. If you'll still have debt left over, you may be a good candidate for bankruptcy. This of course is something I would definitely discuss with an attorney before making any leeways with. As far as scholarships are concerned, good luck with your en devour. Most scholarships range anywhere from $100 to $5,000 per year. You would need to win quite a lot in order to get your whole tuition paid for (that is unless you're the next Jordan or Stephen Hawking). As far as financial aid paying off your pre-existing debt, it isn't worth the aggravation trying to get through that.

    Financial Aid can help you pay room and board in addition to tuition, but it will not likely help you get out of debt. Most financial aid is given in the form of low interest loans. That being said, on average people who get an undergraduate degree earn more $ over a lifetime. Figure out what you want to do. Then go to school for it. To find scholarships go to www.fastweb.com.

    The position i'm from public preparation isn't very solid so in case you opt for an excellent preparation you ought to attend to a private one. yet this fairly relies upon, some public colleges are very solid and some are very undesirable, purely as some deepest colleges are very solid and others very undesirable.

    Pick a class at collage and go to the front sudent office.in that long line up.

    Go to take tution or go and take summer classes

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